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I have the same problem , I tranfer $523 .00 in bitcoin and now I don't  see no more I need help.hi connie you the same name of my wife, sorry for my english connie ,Im buy a bitshares in bittrex before bitshares move or delete from bittrex´╗┐

I Try to communicate with customer support in but I Left few message and no one answer me , also connie Im send $523.00 dollar in bitcoin and i don't know where the go , that's right I Try to communicate with any one cant fix this matter but I not have good look yet , I hope to fine someone to help in my case, plz if you know anyone cant help me i'm really will appreciate or feel free to contac me at´╗┐

goodmorning . plz someone help me , :-[ plz IM open a account in bitsheres due to bittrex going to close or delete bitsheres from the platform I'm open my account in Bitsheres , after I open my account ,I send 19, 995 bts , now I try to sell my bitsheres and the system don't let do it because some kind of witness all way cancel my order , I'm really sick and tired of this platform of Bitsheres I lost alot money in bitsheres due to this price drop , also I thought tha bitsheres is a nice platform to do  buisness , but right now I'm so frustrate, because I send $523.00 in bitcoin from coinbase and now i don't know where my money go i don't see no more    , plz someone in customer support , plz I need my money back ,I'M lost a lot money already, plz contac me
I do not have alot experentce , the have a witnnes name : delegate-1.lafona the apear in my page is look like I dont know have control of my money only them and this is not rigth. plz again I need help

plase someone help plz  Im do not have control over my acount avery time i WANT to send my money to coinbase the have some wisnnes they cancel my order and open a new order and also i have bitcoin in my wallet and disapear. plz help any one plz .

 >:(alfredo Garcia
nesecito ayuda mi hermano conquien puedo hablar para arreglar algo en mi cuenta de bitsheres , sucede que traferi desde mi cuenta de coinbase , $523.00 dollares y lo tenia en mi cuenta y sucede que hacen dos dias le di a a lago que sellama withdrawal y  derepende mi dinero se de saparecio y ahora aparece en una cuenta que sellama openledger-wallet  pero quiero tranferir a mi cuenta y no me deja ahora cadave que quiero tranferir no puede por que medice que nesecito una authorisacion no se de quien y nesecito sacar mi dinero no me gusta ested systema de verda que no . porfavor te agradeseria su conce de alguien que me pueda ayudaR PORFAVOR , ME PUEDE escribir a mi correo

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