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中文(Chinese) / 小心钓鱼资产 B1TCNY
« on: July 21, 2018, 03:44:57 pm »
小心钓鱼资产 B1TCNY, 尤其是换成法币的时候!

Clockwork理事的费用表建议 (欢迎去帖子讨论)

根据目前的费用表,过去6个月的总费用总计超过300万BTS。这意味着大约600k BTS从费用返回到预留池,或者仅超过100k BTS /月(3500 BTS /天)。其中约25%来自转让操作,其中40%左右来自网关发行的资产,20%来自创建账户。因此,> 85%的DEX储备池收入来自非交易业务。

此外,DEX预留池(如上所述以每天3.5K BTS补充)目前每天花费约330k BTS。见证人付款约30,000,工人提案30万。所以它目前正以每天约326.5k BTS的速度运行。

Clockwork 正在制定的收费表提案,它会将大部分费用提高4倍。结合建议将见证人工资减少10%至0.9 BTS /区块,储备池只会补贴平台至25%左右。因此,随着使用率/用户基数增加25%,平台将恢复平衡(如果考虑作为运行成本的见证付费),这听起来更健康。


比特股老外群管理员 Farmerd 请人在中国威海市的朋友喝啤酒!

地点:中国威海市爱鲜啤(Love Beer)
时间: 双方自行安排

有兴趣的请到电报群联络 farmerd !


OpenLedger被HACK了! 请大家使用


BitCNY 2 - 以BTS永久消失的代价换BitCNY

1. 理事会创造一个特殊用途帐号发行BitCNY2

2. 见证人提供BTS/CNY喂价 + 额外5%费用

3. 想要BitCNY2的用户支付BTS给理事会特殊用途帐号

4. 理事会特殊用途帐号根据上面2.的价格给用户BitCNY2

5. 理事会特殊用途帐号把收到的BTS发给 null-account (这个帐号没人拥有的,基本上就是销毁BTS)

好处: BitCNY的数量会永久增加而BTS的数量将会用久减少,大家也不用担心爆仓问题

坏处: 不能再抵押生产再投资了

This is what happening now (Credit to Digital (Cipher) Lucifer ):
Proxy works only one level.

Person A gives Person B Proxy.
Person B gives Person C proxy.

Person A Voting Weight only affects Person B, not Person C.
Person B RAW BTS amount/default weight is amount of proxy being given to Person C.

Why this matter because normal users does not know proxy only work for 1 level, even some top proxies:

    bitshareseurope (Followers has 54M Voting Weight, Set Bitcrab as Proxy, but when Bitcrab cast a vote, bitshareseurope only contribute 98K Voting Weight (his own account) and his followers 54M Voting Weight equal to Zero)

    blockchain-bv (Followers has 11M Voting Weight, Set Xeroc as Proxy)

    hellobts (Followers has 6M Voting Weight, Set Seer as Proxy)

Propose Solution: When main proxy such as Xeroc cast a vote or change vote, all his direct and indirect followers at different level should follow as well.

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Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness Proposal] Bangzi
« on: May 14, 2018, 01:42:09 pm »
Please vote for Bangzi

Hello members of Bitshares. I am Bangzi, a cryptocurrency investor. I get to know Bitshares because of Billion Hero Campaign. I invest in various ICO and coins in Bitshares network. I take the initiative to translate Bitshares State of Network into mandarin because the Chinese community are interested to know what is happening in Bitshares network. Today I take the initiative to become witness because we need more witnesses for price feed and provide public API nodes. 

My Plan:
1. Provide stable witness nodes and price feed.
2. Provide full API node (wss://
3. Involve in Bitshares testnet. Testnet username is "bangzi-test".
4. Translate Bitshares State of Network weekly reports into mandarin and spread around chinese community. You can see my works at .
5. Write tutorials for DAPP build around Bitshares network.

Main Witness Server:
Processor: Intel® Xeon® E3 1240 V6
CPU Cores: 4
Disk Space: 500 GB SSD
Connection: 300 Mbit/s port

Backup Witness Server:
Processor: Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3
CPU Cores: 6
RAM: 24 GB
Disk Space: 600 GB SSD
Connection: 100 Mbit/s port

Full API Node:
Processor: Intel Xeon E5 2630v4
CPU Cores: 10
Disk Space: 500GB SSD
Connection: 1 Gbit/s port
Location: Germany

I am using Xeroc's Bitshares-Pricefeed. Price Feed Screenshot:

Write tutorials:

Spread Bitshares' news in various Chinese groups, Telegram, Wechat & QQ Groups:

DEX Bot 比特股内盘交易机器人新手指南 (个人电脑)DEX Bot Beginner Guide (CN)

比特股网络报告 - 2018年4月25日 (Bitshares - State of the Network[CN])

I would like to suggest Bitsharetalk create sub forum for MarketPlace & Cryptocurrency Exchange.

MarketPlace - Buy/Sell/Rent Digital Good, Service Request/Offering.

Cryptocurrency Exchange - Exchange BTS/BitUSD/BitCNY to Fiat or other coins.

This is something small but can encourage the use of BTS/BitUSD/BitCNY.

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