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Stakeholder Proposals / [Witness Proposal] Bangzi
« on: May 14, 2018, 01:42:09 pm »
Please vote for Bangzi

Hello members of Bitshares. I am Bangzi, a cryptocurrency investor. I get to know Bitshares because of Billion Hero Campaign. I invest in various ICO and coins in Bitshares network. I take the initiative to translate Bitshares State of Network into mandarin because the Chinese community are interested to know what is happening in Bitshares network. Today I take the initiative to become witness because we need more witnesses for price feed and provide public API nodes. 

My Plan:
1. Provide stable witness nodes and price feed.
2. Provide full API node (wss://
3. Involve in Bitshares testnet. Testnet username is "bangzi-test".
4. Translate Bitshares State of Network weekly reports into mandarin and spread around chinese community. You can see my works at .
5. Write tutorials for DAPP build around Bitshares network.

Main Witness Server:
Processor: Intel® Xeon® E5-2620v3
CPU Cores: 6
RAM: 24 GB
Disk Space: 600 GB SSD
Connection: 100 Mbit/s port

Backup Witness Server:
Processor: Intel Xeon® processors
CPU Cores: 6
Disk Space: 240 GB SSD
Connection: 100 Mbit/s port

Full API Node:
Processor: Intel Xeon E5 2630v4
CPU Cores: 10
Disk Space: 500GB SSD
Connection: 1 Gbit/s port
Location: Germany

I am using Xeroc's Bitshares-Pricefeed. Price Feed Screenshot:

Write tutorials:

Spread Bitshares' news in various Chinese groups, Telegram, Wechat & QQ Groups:

DEX Bot 比特股内盘交易机器人新手指南 (个人电脑)DEX Bot Beginner Guide (CN)

比特股网络报告 - 2018年4月25日 (Bitshares - State of the Network[CN])

I would like to suggest Bitsharetalk create sub forum for MarketPlace & Cryptocurrency Exchange.

MarketPlace - Buy/Sell/Rent Digital Good, Service Request/Offering.

Cryptocurrency Exchange - Exchange BTS/BitUSD/BitCNY to Fiat or other coins.

This is something small but can encourage the use of BTS/BitUSD/BitCNY.

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