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General Discussion / Re: Why the BTS network status is so bad these days?
« on: December 21, 2018, 01:56:48 pm »
I will support the GUI worker when I saw a professional team.
I mean we can get a really usable product from the worker's job.
the team need to be responsible for the whole development process include management/design/implement/test.

now all I can see is several unusable "stable" release and seems nobody can tell me which one is the really stable/usable version.

We are in the middle of the design and development process. You can see the current stage on the roadmap -

I can walk you through what's been designed so far, and answer any question if you like.

This worker proposal looks great, but I hope this worker and the bitshares-ui worker proposal teams can collaborate rather than duplicate work efforts?

This is not a duplicated effort. The current worker supports the current UI.
We propose to redesign it, make it much more user-friendly and intuitive.

When we launch the new UI users still should be able to toggle between them. Therefore we need to support both for some time.
When the old UI retired (stop being supported and updates) then we can join the effort on the support of the new one.

* There shoud no be duplicated efforts of course. We offer to redesign and code a new UI. Once it is launched the current UI should be retired and the maintenece resourse should be directed toward the new UI. ...

Define "launch"? By saying "current UI should be retired", you mean the one? So your new product will contain all features included in "current UI"? I'm afraid it's too much work for you in such a short time. IMHO even if the new UI will replace the current UI in the future (to be hosted on, the two UI need to live simultaneously for a period (host the new UI in a new domain name), thus give us time to move features to new UI step by step. Not to mention that we probably need a way for users to migrate backups if the backup methods are different.

Launch - the UI and available for beta/public use.
I believe it would be great to let users toggle between the old and the new UI during the testing period. Similar to what Google does with new Gmail UI.
It then will be up to the community to decide when to retire (stop supporting) the current one.


This proposal aims to launch the UI at the end of the proposal? Will it then already be feature-complete?
Do you plan to continuously maintain the codebase afterwards?

It should be "feature-complete". At least all features that are now present will make its way to the new UI + a few more mentioned by Graphene Lab

The current worker does not include continuous maintenance, however we are not going anywhere and will post a new worker to tweak, maintain and support the UI and UX

@ xeroc
Thanks for your insterest!

* We are discussing escrow optoins. Will update you as soon as we have all the details.
* There shoud no be duplicated efforts of course. We offer to redesign and code a new UI. Once it is launched the current UI should be retired and the maintenece resourse should be directed toward the new UI. UX is a continious effort and. Good eamples are FB, Google, etc that push updates and tweeks to their products bi-weekly.
* We will research user types, their behavour, worflows and features they use. That woul allow us to design a product that serves well all user types, simple for casual users and yet powerful for the advanced and pro audience.


* re Discussion/Research - as being supported by Rudex who is active part of this community as gateway, 3rd party exchange, development team, UI FORK of BitShares and a paid block producer, i fail to see why you have to do research and collect funds from the blockchain for the knowledge already available right here on this forum (public opinions, feedback on UI), Rudex who is very reliable and rich resource of knowledge and not to mention github for UI team and all the issues opened there.

The information we have available on this forum and Github is raw data that has not been processed for use. It is unstructured, incomplete and often random.

The point of the research phase is to analyze available data, process, categorize and prioritize. It includes tech requirements discussion and analysis, competitors review, stakeholder surveys, response analysis as well as user personas (aka user types). We need to categorize users into types, understand their expectations, behaviours, needs, and motivations through methodical, investigative approach. The goal is to ensure that all product design decisions do benefit the user.

Hope it makes sense.

BTW, the design research part is only $14,100.

Best, and thanks again for your interest.

@Digital Lucifer
Hi and thank you for your review and comments.

Re: Outdated Job Manager plugin – thanks for noticing. I've forwarded your comments to our developers.

Re: Rates. At ROSSUL we never work on an hourly basis for multiple reasons, we believe it is much easier for our clients to know exactly what they are going to pay for a solution to their problem. Therefore we do not quote based on how many screens need designing, or how much time we spend on crafting the solution. If the scope is not changed during the project the quote doesn't change.

Re: "Documentation preparing and process". The initial phase is the Research Phase that we need to discuss and set up success criteria and metrics, we need to research and create user personas to know who we design for,their goals, and mental models. We need to interview and analyze the responses of the stakeholders and ensure we are all on the same page with aligned expectation and goals. That includes all team members on our side too. The outcome of this phase: Goals and Metrics documents, Persona files, compiled stakeholder feedback, High-level functional specs, etc. Unfortunately, we cannot publish research documents publicly because of strict NDAs. We design commercial products and most of them are not available to the public. The financial industry is very sensitive in that respect as you know.

Re: Time allocation. Roughly, the research phase will take about 1/4 of the design time. 2/4 go into workflows and wireframing. 1/4 goes into skin design.

We'll be publishing more info as we receive more questions. Probably here or on Steemit.

Thanks again for your interest and questions.


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