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Technical Support / Help for BTSX Not connected-mac
« on: October 21, 2014, 01:21:52 pm »
Hi, i getting trouble to get my btsx client to get connected on my macbook air which just update with osx yosemite

i had add network node as following:

but it is still cannot connect to the network. thus i had to get help from community for this problem as i unable to search the answer from the net. This issue take me several days already.
is that issue if i had add 2 founder account to the btsx client?

here below is the getinfo :

>> getinfo

  "blockchain_head_block_num": 0,
  "blockchain_head_block_age": null,
  "blockchain_head_block_timestamp": null,
  "blockchain_average_delegate_participation": "0.00 %",
  "blockchain_confirmation_requirement": 202,
  "blockchain_delegate_pay_rate": "0.00000 BTSX",
  "blockchain_share_supply": "1,999,999,999.81923 BTSX",
  "blockchain_blocks_left_in_round": 101,
  "blockchain_next_round_time": null,
  "blockchain_next_round_timestamp": null,
  "blockchain_random_seed": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
  "client_data_dir": "/Users/kmtan/Library/Application Support/BitShares X",
  "client_version": "v0.4.20",
  "network_num_connections": 0,
  "network_num_connections_max": 200,
  "ntp_time": null,
  "ntp_time_error": null,
  "wallet_open": true,
  "wallet_unlocked": true,
  "wallet_unlocked_until": "12 days in the future",
  "wallet_unlocked_until_timestamp": "2014-11-02T02:27:23",
  "wallet_last_scanned_block_timestamp": null,
  "wallet_scan_progress": "0.00 %",
  "wallet_block_production_enabled": false,
  "wallet_next_block_production_time": null,
  "wallet_next_block_production_timestamp": null

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