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Not sure if I'm just seeing patterns, where none exist, but it's kinda fun when you see orders bundled up on interesting/geeky numbers.

Next 0.00001776? :)

Or heck why not even 0.0001776 :)

General Discussion / Cold storage?
« on: July 26, 2014, 06:47:14 am »
What is the safest way to store BTSX in a cold storage offline? (in terms of how to generate target address, best way to send, etc.)

General Discussion / Future DACs on the BTSX rewards proposal
« on: July 25, 2014, 04:20:45 pm »
Would it be possible to build in AGS rewards into creation of new assets?


create_asset MYASSET 1000000 AGS:20%

Would create 1M shares of MYASSET and automatically reward 20% to AGS holders as of last snapshot.

In other words ability to take a snapshot of another asset on the chain.

As a reward - reduce registration fees based on how much AGS is rewarded.

I mean we could create tools to auto distribute the assets, but we can not reduce the fees without intervention in the protocol.

This will spur innovation as well as reward investors automatically.

So, I decided to engage this community a bit more seriously. I started last night and imported all the data. (It is continuosly being imported)

Now I'm starting to build some very rough visual tools around the data, to help us understand what goes on, let us monitor the network and delegates health and hopefully help select decent delegates. Sometimes a delegate goes down and it could just be a network issue, the delegate owner probably prefers to be voted down for the time being instead of gathering bad stats.

And it's now Live, go at it:

I plan to also add alerts, so delegates can get notified if there are issues. Please keep in mind I am only able to put in a few hours here and there. With community support I am hoping for a transition in this space full time.

Current preview:

General Discussion / Ethereum valuation.
« on: July 23, 2014, 08:40:13 am »
So, total ether is 10^18 or 1,000,000,000,000,000,000.

at 2,000 ETH per BTC (and that's their LOW price!)



500,000,000,000,000 BTC!!! 500 FREAKING TRILLION BTC!!! LARGEST IPO EVER!!! :)

L-O-L W-T-F!

Marketplace / 1000 BTSX - help me setup dedicated Ubuntu node.
« on: July 22, 2014, 04:05:37 pm »
I'm sure I can figure it out if I keep digging, but my time is spent wiser elsewhere.

client can't seem to be able to establish connections. I opened up the ports, tried starting without UPnP.

General Discussion / PROPOSAL: Fair and Distributed Delegates
« on: July 22, 2014, 03:21:32 pm »
These are assumptions, correct me if wrong. We have 101 slots reserved for elect delegates, rearranged every 101 blocks.


Each batch of 101 blocks randomly assign 101 delegates based on certain total % (adjustable) of their total votes.


A1-A10 have 20% of the votes (2% each)
B1-B20 have 20% of the votes (1% each)
C1-C40 have 20% of the votes (0.5% each)
D1-D100 have 20% of the votes (0.2% each)
E1-E1000 have 20% of the votes (0.02% each)

In our configuration each of the groups will technically have equal chance to get a delegate to "represent" them.

A typical example might be that each batch you could have a good distribution of delegates, should closely represent the following:

21 A (technically I only listed 10 delegates above)
20 B
20 C
20 D
20 E

This means that the delegates in the E section will have a very tiny chance of getting selected, but will have a very big chance of having a delegate picked out.

To Bytemaster, please consider this option. Otherwise whoever has the highest stake, dominates the delegate selection and nothing is stopping them from having 100% delegates even if they only have 20% of the BTSX.



We currently have 101 out of 101 elect delegates. Make elections every batch and pick 101 out of 1001, such that chance to get selected is proportional to vote count. Make the two numbers adjustable via proposals + shareholder voting.

General Discussion / Ubuntu No Connections
« on: July 22, 2014, 01:50:46 pm »
Trying to set up a dedicated node. I built successfully.

I can't seem to be able to get any data.

Code: [Select]
  "blockchain_head_block_num": 0,
  "blockchain_head_block_age": null,
  "blockchain_head_block_timestamp": null,
  "blockchain_average_delegate_participation": 0,
  "blockchain_delegate_pay_rate": 0,
  "blockchain_blocks_left_in_round": 101,
  "blockchain_confirmation_requirement": 202,
  "blockchain_accumulated_fees": "0.00000 BTSX",
  "blockchain_share_supply": 199999999981923,
  "blockchain_random_seed": "0000000000000000000000000000000000000000",
  "blockchain_database_version": 115,
  "blockchain_version": 109,
  "network_num_connections": 0,
  "network_num_connections_max": 200,
  "network_protocol_version": 104,
  "ntp_time": "20140722T134212",
  "ntp_error": 0.061918000000000001,
  "wallet_open": true,
  "wallet_unlocked": true,
  "wallet_unlocked_until": "3 hours in the future",
  "wallet_unlocked_until_timestamp": "20140722T162848",
  "wallet_block_production_enabled": false,
  "wallet_next_block_production_time": null,
  "wallet_next_block_production_timestamp": null,
  "wallet_version": 100

What gives?

UPDATE: So I have no connections whatsoever. I opened up all the ports on my node, same thing.

General Discussion / What's with the massive dump on BTER?
« on: July 22, 2014, 02:45:56 am »
For a moment I thought that we might have gone liquid there. :)

Just sit in pending forever.

Let's diversify a bit and set the tone here, if there is burn of the fees, it will increase the value of BTSX. Shareholders should welcome that.

I've set mine to +5%. Which means 95% of the fees will be income for shareholders! Thank you!

Please vote for kpd-1.

Also if you are 50% or less delegate, post yours here.

Code: [Select]

wallet_approve_delegate kpd-1

After you make your vote selections make sure you send your entire balance to yourself, otherwise you are not really voting.

Worth a 1000 words:

General Discussion / PROPOSAL: Chance for pending delegates
« on: July 20, 2014, 06:58:36 pm »
Why couldn't we have after every 100 elected delegates forge a block, give 1 block to a pending delegate as a chance to prove their worth / uptime / gather stats?

That way people can vote on pending delegates based on their stats, worse case scenario - we have 1 missing block every 100 blocks. But I'm sure pending delegates would never want to miss a block.

We could also select them randomly based on their current votes as a %.

General Discussion / [RESOLVED] Missing 30K - Help troubleshoot this.
« on: July 20, 2014, 04:56:52 am »
Ok so the story is as goes. I was trying to send 180K in chunks to another user. 2 of the transactions were showing as pending for me, and I cleared the pending transactions, rescanned/restarted/etc. so they disappeared, and I "had" my balance again.

So when I do from the console I get only the following transactions between me and lowfee-10prcnt (2 transactions missing one for 10K and one for 20K):

Code: [Select]
2014-07-20T02:31:59 8169      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      1.00000 BTSX            ensuring it works.                          0.10000 BTSX        a0da271
2014-07-20T02:37:40 8202      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      10,000.00000 BTSX       1st batch                                   0.10000 BTSX        41a6c3e
2014-07-20T02:54:15 8302      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      10,000.00000 BTSX       2nd batch                                   0.10000 BTSX        7e638b1
2014-07-20T03:28:21 8499      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX       3rd batch                                   0.10000 BTSX        524dba1
2014-07-20T03:31:09 8515      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX       4th batch                                   0.10000 BTSX        1af8cea
2014-07-20T03:57:48 8661      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      30,000.00000 BTSX       5th batch                                   0.10000 BTSX        baff8cc
2014-07-20T04:26:56 8830      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX       6th batch                                   0.10000 BTSX        6eb27a0

On his side he has:

Code: [Select]
2014-07-20T02:33:17 8169      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      1.00000 BTSX            ensuring it works.                          0.00000 BTSX        a0da271
2014-07-20T02:37:35 8202      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      10,000.00000 BTSX       1st batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        41a6c3e
2014-07-20T02:53:10 8284      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      10,000.00000 BTSX       2nd batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        244f2da  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
2014-07-20T02:53:10 8294      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX                                                   0.00000 BTSX        8f4cea8  <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
2014-07-20T02:54:14 8302      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      10,000.00000 BTSX       2nd batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        7e638b1
2014-07-20T03:28:24 8499      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX       3rd batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        524dba1
2014-07-20T03:31:04 8515      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX       4th batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        1af8cea
2014-07-20T03:57:44 8661      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      30,000.00000 BTSX       5th batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        baff8cc
2014-07-20T04:26:55 8830      krabbypatty         lowfee-10prcnt      20,000.00000 BTSX       6th batch                                   0.00000 BTSX        6eb27a0

How do I reconcile my account to actually acknowledge that?

It says I have X amount, when I try to move X amount to another account it says insufficient funds and that I have X - 30K available BTSX. Clearly the system knows this happened, but it doesn't reflect it in my account.

General Discussion / Confused about private keys
« on: July 19, 2014, 08:05:38 pm »
I imported a private key and I want to send all my funds there, just in case. I can't seem to be able to locate the list of my BTS public addresses.

General Discussion / How to Find How Much Are Delegate Fees?
« on: July 19, 2014, 07:51:20 pm »
I would like to register a delegate, but I have no way of knowing if it's going to charge me 1 XTS 100K XTS or 1M XTS???

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