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General Discussion / Re: rely on the rule or rely on the moral?
« on: March 28, 2016, 01:14:18 pm »
This story is for all those leaders who feel they are fighting against the tide


One time a man was walking along the beach and say another man fishing in the surf with a bait bucket beside him. As he drew closer, he saw that the bait bucket had no lid and had live crabs inside.
"Why don't you cover your bait bucket so the crabs won't escape?", he said.
"You don't understand.", the man replied, "If there is one crab in the bucket it would surely crawl out very quickly. However, when there are many crabs in the bucket, if one tries to crawl up the side, the others grab hold of it and pull it back down so that it will share the same fate as the rest of them."

So it is with people. If one tries to do something different, get better grades, improve herself, escape her environment, or dream big dreams, other people will try to drag her back down to share their fate.

Moral of the story: Ignore the crabs. Charge ahead and do what is right for you. It may not be easy and you may not succeed as much as you like, but you will NEVER share the same fate as those never try.

We have been enriched by the talents of people who have had less than "perfect" bodies, whether by birth, accident or disease - Helen Keller, F.D. Roosevelt, Stephen Hawking, George Bush, Stevie Wonder, Christopher Reeve, to name just a few. They chose to "climb the crab bucket" instead of listening to others.

I have an alternative view on the Crab Bucket. This is how society enforces rules without having to put a lid on the bucket.  Namely, we don't need to make it impossible for someone to vote for themselves because moral outrage will cause others to pull them back into the bucket. 

Conclusion: both MORAL and the RULE.  The rule sets the expectation even if it isn't perfect, the moral enforces the rule.

Technical Support / Re: BTS still stuck on old blockchain
« on: March 18, 2016, 07:46:18 pm »
I believe someone has a full blockchain available for download so you don't have to sync the old chain.

the domain is not resolving for me so I cannot connect.

General Discussion / Re: Pricing in order confirmation window
« on: March 17, 2016, 06:37:55 pm »
I have been asking for this one for a while myself.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares vs Ethereum
« on: March 17, 2016, 06:36:48 pm »
Good article: Why your Ethereum project will most likely fail

"Most proposed projects on Ethereum cannot point to a plausible end user benefit which is primarily enabled by being on the platform.
Things like “no middlemen” and “decentralization” are not actual end user benefits, they only potentially generate benefits indirectly. Perhaps even more so than in the Bitcoin space, using the Ethereum platform seems to be a decisive end-goal for people in Ethereum projects, rather than providing a better solution to a real world problem."

I concur with the article. Most "decentralized tech" has minimum value to people who do every-day things. The only place decentralized blockchain tech offers a competitive advantage is in areas burdened by regulation. Remove the regulation and you will find centralized blockchain tech taking over because it has all the benefits without the downsides.

We need solutions that help real people do real things. Until that day, blockchain tech will be a niche that serves the fringes of society and the grey/black markets.

This is why I am interested in MAS.  I think a well implemented MAS can appeal to many more people. Initially on the fringe, but it can grow.

It would be as close as humanly possible to make migrating apps easy and to leverage all of their powerful dev tools.

There would be some BTS specific extensions that would give the EVM access to BTS state.  Likewise, there would be some state info from ETH that would not be exposed (such as mining difficulty).

So any smart contract that doesn't care about the chain it is running on should be fine.

It is kind of like targeting windows vs mac vs linux.  So long as you don't call OS specific system calls your app will be cross platform.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares vs Ethereum
« on: March 17, 2016, 01:48:56 pm »
Major takeaway of that video:

* They name every hardfork differently! Frontier, Homestead, serenity
* Only after Serenity they will work on scalability for 1k to 10k tps
* After that .. they will be up to 1M tps ..
* Ethereum 4.0 brings 'infinity million tps" (WTF?! they either break speed of light or the size of the planet :) ) and maybe privacy
* Casper (the POS consensus) has not yet been proven
* solving the Economic scalability (bad actors shouldn't make a profit) in casper is still unsolved
* cross shard interoperability still unsolved
* shard validation and fees still unsolved

I think they will run into a lot of issues if they do not realize that doing things in parallel results in a lot of overhead.

The video is probably not worth your time, Dan. But it gives a nice overview of their current plans

I will say one thing, their "roadmap" is a perfect hype machine. It gives people hope for a perfect solution to every problem.

My experience with ETH (yes, I actually built it and synced the chain)...

1. I really like the JS console
2. my node got stuck syncing multiple times and had to be restarted
3. my node crashed multiple times.
4. It took me an order of magnitude longer to sync their chain

My take away is that for all of their hype, they are about as stable as the early versions of BTS. That said, I believe hype drives price more than value does.

General Discussion / Re: BitShares vs Ethereum
« on: March 16, 2016, 10:06:48 pm »

General Discussion / Re: Witness Alerts and Status
« on: March 16, 2016, 03:27:27 pm »
A new release and HARD FORK has been posted.

All full nodes must update by March 23.

this is something I addressed today and should be improved within the next week or two.

I have experienced some of these performance issues as well... they can certainly be fixed.

Technical Support / Re: Why annual memberships are going away
« on: March 10, 2016, 11:31:35 pm »
Unless you actually referred annual members...those referrers get screwed.

Most of the 31 annual members were either registered by OpenLedger or existed at genesis.  There are exactly four actual referrals of annual memberships, by three people.  If the community thinks reimbursing them is important, it would be possible to set up a worker to pay them manually (or make arrangements with an existing worker to do this).  One of those four annual memberships upgraded to LTM on its own, so their referrer has already been paid.  The remaining two referrers (two of the three accounts were referred by the same referrer) are:

1.2.97634 (referred annual member in block #3028579)
1.2.32176 (referred annual members 1.2.97382, 1.2.101152 who upgraded in blocks #1391978, #3255854)
Woohoo! I am the winner who is the loser by having referred 2 of the 3 annuals who get upgraded and will lose out on the 30% for the year and all future upgrade revenue.

Don't get me wrong...I agree with the getting rid of annual memberships, but do not like being the one who loses out.

Why would anyone have an annual membership at genesis...buddy buddy hook-up? The only free upgrades that were announced iirc were lifetime members for referring someone before the upgrade annoucement.

mint, I will send you $200 BitUSD for your trouble.   That should even things up a bit.

General Discussion / Re: Bitshares price discussion
« on: March 10, 2016, 08:29:24 pm »
How secure is Poloniex?  They have a lot of BTC and BTS there, would be a shame if something happened...

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