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collisions/min: 1065.5970 Shares total: 47
Rounds per second for GPU 0: 5.5000
collisions/min: 1064.6135 Shares total: 47
Rounds per second for GPU 0: 5.5000
collisions/min: 1063.7899 Shares total: 47
gtx480 win7 64bit i3-2130 v0.3b
collisions/min: 1063.1238 Shares total: 47
Rounds per second for GPU 0: 5.4000
New block data - height: 42642 tx count: 0
collisions/min: 1062.6130 Shares total: 47
Rounds per second for GPU 0: 5.5000
collisions/min: 1062.6987 Shares total: 47
Rounds per second for GPU 0: 5.5000
collisions/min: 1063.4457 Shares total: 47
New block data - height: 42643 tx count: 1
Rounds per second for GPU 0: 5.5000
collisions/min: 1064.1855 Shares total: 47

hi jami...
which gpu are you using??
can you tell us vendor and oem s/n?

BitShares PTS / Re: Open source optimized PTS CPU miner (BETA)
« on: January 17, 2014, 09:14:09 am »
yea, i did that already but thanks anyway :D

and I'm getting this now:
Code: [Select]
Could not mmap hugepage, reverting to malloc: Cannot allocate memory

btw is there any way to reduce memory usage to say 512 or 768 MB per thread?

Not from the command line.  That's my next planned optimization.  I need to finish poking at some other constants to figure out how aggressive I want to be about pushing the memory.

Stay tuned.  I think I can get that into the binary by tonight.  For now, you can run on fewer threads -- you'll find that 4 is actually nearly as happy as 6, and 6 is typically happier for me than 8.


Ok.  I've replaced the binary at the old URL with a new build that uses about 600MB of RAM per thread.  Thanks for the feature request - I'd been meaning to implement this optimization, and it looks from here like it's giving a very pleasant speedup just from using less memory (for those who care, this helps reduce TLB misses).  I haven't run it long enough to get a stable number out of it, but it's looking like 460-475 cpm on an i7-4770.  The 4770k users should be cracking 500cpm.


Slight update:  There's now a beta3 that tries to reduce rejects a bit

The miner works by processing an entire block of 2^26 hashes at once, and so if new work came in, it would still submit anything found in the previous block.  This could lead to excessive numbers of rejects (and thus, a disconnection).  Beta3 tries a little harder to avoid this - and the wasted work it entails - and also bumps up the number of rejects before reconnecting a bit for safety.

There are some small speed tuning-related changes, but probably not anything measurably different.  I'm still seeing in the 450-475 range on i7-4770.   The reconnect changes I just made + the beta2 dev mining changes should make it a lot easier for people to get longer-running performance measurements out of this code.

I've figured out several of these changes that should help improve performance on non-avx2 systems.  Once I get to that phase, if there's interest in beta testing a linux avx build for sandybridge/ivybridge, I can do that too.  Perhaps one optimized for Amazon's machines?  *grin*

hy dga!!
very good job!!!

when a release for windows SO???

BitShares PTS / Re: cudaPTSwin - Beeeeer - PTS GPU miner for Windows
« on: January 13, 2014, 10:16:33 pm »
Hello miners,

I finally released my cudaPTS windows version based on the incredible cudapts miner by dga (

Current version:
0.2 (beta)

Nvidia GPU with Compute capability 2.0+
Windows 32 or 64

Download: - 819.02 KB - compute capability 2.0 - 821.03 KB - compute capability 2.1 - 834.68 KB - compute capability 3.0 - 836.24 KB - compute capability 3.5

Check your version here ->

Change the edit_me.bat or use:

CudaPTSwin.exe Pq9Qeyks1KzAY9gGWrkPcrYJoe1J12UZ3a 0 avx

CudaPTSwin.exe Pq9Qeyks1KzAY9gGWrkPcrYJoe1J12UZ3a 0 sse4

CudaPTSwin.exe Pq9Qeyks1KzAY9gGWrkPcrYJoe1J12UZ3a 0 sph

My test results:
i7-3770 - avx - GTX 670: 850 c/m
i5-2300 - avx - GTX 560: 550 c/m

Let me know of any bugs and please post your system results (cpu, gfx card, c/m speed, sse4 or avx).

For questions reply in this topic or find me on IRC -> freenode ->

Please donate, will encourage further optimization and development:
PTS: Pq9Qeyks1KzAY9gGWrkPcrYJoe1J12UZ3a
XPM: AL3HzLAfjndM3Me1V3D97Xveeis3Vx1Sms
BTC: 14AQXd2bqz45zaJWk3EwBB7xVYS45WhrRM

- Speed optimization
- Fix some little bugs

- crz

Hi crz!
nothing about gtx 780 benchmark????

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