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The records have been updated, happy trading.

The records have been reset Happy trading

General Discussion / BTS TA FOR 12TH JUNE 2020
« on: June 12, 2020, 01:10:17 pm »
Currently BTS price is at 0.021USD which is currently below the 0.022USD resistance recall from last month it was also a resistance level last month before it was broken for a while, bitshares traded between 0.0178 to 0.0243USD within that time a rough 26.9% gain. So far BTS appears to be in an uptrend despite the drop to 0.02USD a failure to hold support at 0.0196 may lead to a crash to the 0.0177USD this may lead to a reversal of it happens. Hopefully Bitshares planned release in June called BTS4.0 may lead to price increase by month end.
SUPPORT LEVELS: 0.0175, 0.0196, 0.0215
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 0.022, 0.024, 0.03

Your mobile phone or your Telegram account got hacked or what?
No am okay sir, just changed my identity, my phone is still safe

The records have been reset, am finding it difficult to provide $pegs

The records have been set happy trading

The records have been set happy trading

It's also Easy to perform asset exchange just set a BTS bid above my bid price, or a USDT bid above my SELL price...


THE new prices have been reset happy trading....

General Discussion / Re: What happened to Telegram?
« on: June 08, 2020, 06:29:13 am »
There many social platforms now, although telegram is still the best though

Asset trading still continues as usual, there may be delay in update time tomorrow because of private engagements. Traders take note.

the official website cannot be updated to reflect our current vision, due to network problems, as soon as network is better it will be updated.
happy trading


the records have been updated to reflect the new prices do check it up.
Happy trading

I'm so happy to announce that we have been whitelisted by XBTS.IO thanks admin
Here are the markers
Users are encouraged to buy the naira for USDT as there's currently an arbitrage opportunity for the naira, the owner wants to use this opportunity to provide liquidity. All USDT trades with the owner will be sent out for arbitrage.
Thanks RUDEX and XBTS are accepted

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