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Our Website has been rebranded. It has a deposit and withdrawal option, as well as a fully customized chart for your tracking bitshares and other cryptocurrencies, a quick chat via mail option, a support center and a trading account link from where you can access the XBTS.IO BTS DEX.

CNGN Trading reward Update

CRUDE.NGN is meant to represent the Naira currency on the bitshares DEX, currently holders of the asset are few and dormant. Only a few persons currently trade CRUDE.NGN actively and this has led to low trade volumes. In order to change this trend and make the CRUDE.NGN market more organic while boosting trade volumes, bitsharescrude is introducing a trading reward program, which will  now continue to run till further notice. The program will reward the top ten trading accounts that trade with the naira according to the amount of CRUDE.NGN they own.

 Market Rules

• Traders must have at least 1000CNGN in their accounts to be eligible.

• The top ten active traders with visible bids equivalent of at least 1000CNGN will get to share the reward pot.

• The reward will be in CRUDE.BTS.

• The reward pot will be shared on a weekly basis after a snapshot of market orders and CNGN holders.

The next reward pot will be shared on 21st November 2020 after calculations are completed.

Week 9 Top Ten Trading Reward

koba 4.066EVRAZ
jarko-srb 4.046EVRAZ
gncht 2.561EVRAZ
gich-go 1.306EVRAZ
arisha-luk 1.157EVRAZ
zgt1  1.148EVRAZ
vksh79 1.139EVRAZ
thik-he 1.13EVRAZ
sweet-girl 1.122EVRAZ
tf7679 1.113EVRAZ

Next Reward Pot will be shared on the 22nd of November 2020

General Discussion / Re: Default price Feeders for new Asset CRUDE.BTS
« on: November 15, 2020, 05:25:19 am »
it's cool.
I don't understand it's application.
Ok, this is an inverse margin, where instead of backing the underlying asset with bitshares an unstable asset, a stable asset is used. In my case it's CRUDE.NGN...

Bitsharescrude now has three new assets; the Liquidity pool token, the smartcoin and the leveraged asset token
The liquidity Pool is not yet active because of the bitshares UI, however the other assets are now active and can be traded
The smartcoin CRUDE.BTS tracks the avg daily price of bitshares, and is backed by CRUDE.NGN, While the Leverage Asset Token
CRUDE.LVRG tracks the weekly price change of bitshares multiplied by 5, i.e @ a 5X leverage.
This leverage applies only for small trades, to increase CLVRG supply new accounts must start at 1:5 odd or 0.2 odd against CNGN
Part of the *funds gotten will then be used to open new positions against CNGN. The rest will be used to trade on the Futures Market.

*All funds gotten will be converted to USD/BTS @ 1:5.

General Discussion / Re: Default price Feeders for new Asset CRUDE.BTS
« on: November 13, 2020, 01:12:01 pm »
We need Oracle system.
What's an oracle system?

General Discussion / Default price Feeders for new Asset CRUDE.BTS
« on: November 13, 2020, 08:28:53 am »
Here is a list of price Feeders I have set for the asset CRUDE.BTS...

New feed producers


If you wish to be added to the list please indicate...

We now have CRUDE.BTS smartasset, which follows the price of BTS in Naira, and is backed by CRUDE.NGN, A list of well known price Feeders have been added...

General Discussion / Bitshares TA for 12th November 2020
« on: November 12, 2020, 09:29:47 am »
Bitshares has traded between 0.02-0.014USD. It currently trading at 0.019USD below 0.02USD which is currently a short term resistance. In the long term BTS may stay below 0.02USD to continue a sort of accumulation. Bitshares above 0.022USD will trigger an upward rally, so far it still shows signs of weakness, probably due to the slowness of development and Bitcoin's strong run, hopefully new features are released that can draw interest from the public, for now just buy the dips.... ;D
Uptrend ---> abv 0.022 -> 0.028-0.33USD
Downtrend ----> below 0.017 -> 0.014-0.013USD
Sideways ---> 0.02-0.018USD...

Week 8 Top Ten Trading Reward

koba 2.675EVRAZ
jarko-srb 1.982EVRAZ
nonso-isi 123.463STH
gich-go 1.277EVRAZ
arisha-luk 1.13EVRAZ
zgt1  1.122EVRAZ
vksh79 1.113EVRAZ
thik-he 1.104EVRAZ
sweet-girl 1.097EVRAZ
tf7679 1.088EVRAZ

Next Reward Pot will be shared on the 15th of November 2020

Week 7 Top Ten Trading Reward
bharat 3.864EVRAZ
nonso-isi 213.819STH
global-ru 2.573EVRAZ
bu-dva 2.446EVRAZ
jarko-srb 2.331EVRAZ
amanter 2.192EVRAZ
altin 2.150EVRAZ
aton 1.942EVRAZ
koba 1.170EVRAZ
gncht 1.151EVRAZ

Next Reward Pot will be shared on the 8th of November 2020

Week 6 CNGN top ten trading reward
1. bharat 4.348 EVRAZ
2. global-ru 2.521 EVRAZ
3. bu-dva 2.397 EVRAZ
4. jarko-srb 2.293 EVRAZ
5. altin 2.107 EVRAZ
6. aton 1.903 EVRAZ
7. accracreditunion 0.223 TWENTIX
8. koba 1.147 EVRAZ
9. gncht 1.128 EVRAZ
10. evrazb9 1.089 EVRAZ

The Next pot will be shared on  1st November, 2020

New website for tracking popular bitshares assets has been created

Week 5 CNGN top ten trading reward
1.accracreditunion 0.414TWENTIX     
2.altin 0.997EVRAZ
3.aton 1.022EVRAZ
4.amanter 1.031EVRAZ
5.arisha-luk 1.039EVRAZ
6.evrazb9 1.194EVRAZ
7.gncht 1.237EVRAZ
8.bharat 2.510EVRAZ 2.766EVRAZ

Current Supply: 270000 CNGN
Issuer income: 3869.45CNGN
Cumulative trade volume: 3869450CNGN
Total asset value in CNGN: 166911.49
Equivalent Naira: 202296.73NGN @ 470
BMR : 1.212
Decay Supply @387: 16280.30CNGN
Double Mark @387: 150631.19CNGN
Buy back volume = 133239.41CNGN
Decay Value @387 = +33672.09
Backing Value = -103088.50CNGN
Risk= 38.18%
Holders: 41

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