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CNGN Trading reward

 CRUDE.NGN is meant to represent the Naira currency on the bitshares DEX, currently holders of the asset are few and dormant. Only a few persons currently trade CRUDE.NGN actively and this has led to low trade volumes. In order to change this trend and make the CRUDE.NGN market more organic while boosting trade volumes, bitsharescrude is introducing a trading reward program, which will run till the end of the year. The program will reward the top ten trading accounts that trade with the naira according to the amount of CRUDE.NGN they own.

 Market Rules

• Traders must have at least 1000CNGN in their accounts to be eligible.

• The top ten active traders with a bid equivalent of at least 1000CNGN will get to share the reward pot.

• The reward will be in the asset they are trading with i.e STH.

• The reward pot will be shared on a weekly basis after a snapshot of market orders and CNGN holders.

Focus Market

CRUDE.NGN/XBTSX.STH Weekly Reward % = 1

The first reward pot will be shared on the 20th September 2020 after calculations are completed.

General Discussion / BTS TA FOR 12TH SEPT 2020
« on: September 12, 2020, 07:14:37 pm »
After a roller coaster couple of weeks that saw bitshares rise to as high as 0.06USD, bitshares is currently trading at 0.032USD which is close to a local support line on the weekly. Further drop will see it go to as low as 0.02USD in the worst case scenerio, where it will then consolidate for another uptrend.
Bitshares gained over 114% in its massive run much of which is attributed to the NBS fork, before tumbling down by about 50% in value. Hopefully it will sustain the current price and take a green outlook in the coming weeks and into the end of the year.
Now that the fork is over it will interesting to see how things will go for bitshares, will there be competition with NBS or will one of them fade away, it is all down to what happens in the coming weeks.
Prices to look out for
Uptrend 0.04, 0.045 and 0.053USD
Downtrend 0.028, 0.025 and 0.02USD.


Join the Stakeholdem antibounty program and start earning from our tweets

Despite the new unification plan by CBN, the naira still trades at 440 on the black market.

All price updates are shown here

Bitsharescrude FPL code for the new season.
***Free Version***

Code: iisppd


Register a free bitshares account on, or

Join the Bitsharescrude official WhatsApp group to claim prizes  for - manager of the week - manager of the season.

Manager of the week

 (1st-3rd) 100CNGN

Manager of the Season

 (1st- 1500CNGN, 2nd- 1000CNGN, 3rd- 500CNGN)
Consolation (4th-10th)

Depends on the asset in question, for example BITUSd is still depegged at 0.0345 and does not follow normal price trend in USD, there are also some bridge USD that are now defunct and show very unusual prices eg openlegder, cryptobridge, and sparkdex, so it depends on the asset in question.

Current Supply: 205000 CNGN
Issuer income: 1433.08CNGN
Cumulative trade volume: 1433080CNGN
Total asset value in CNGN: 273395
Equivalent Naira: 329263.5NGN @ 465/$
BMR : 1.2
Decay Supply @386: 61135CNGN
Double Mark @386: 135377CNGN
Buy back volume = 75467CNGN
Decay Value @386 = +121045
Holders: 19

General Discussion / BTS TA FOR 12TH AUGUST 2020
« on: August 12, 2020, 01:14:08 am »
Bitshares has traded between 0.028-0.0227USD. This means that BTS has slowed down on its uptrend and is now plotting a sideways trend in the range 0.028-0.025USD in the short term. In the long term its still on an upward trajectory, however this would change below 0.025USD which is a critical support for bitshares short term. Below 0.025USD bitshares would drop back to 0.022USD to retest that support and probably back down to 0.0177USD.
Uptrend ---> abv 0.028 -> 0.033-0.04USD
Downtrend ----> below 0.025 -> 0.022-0.0177USD
Sideways ---> 0.028-0.023USD
The hype around the Bitshares 4.0 Update seems to have cooled off as shown in the sideways price, this is coupled with the fact that bitshares was ominously ommitted from the list of defi- coins which would have been a good PR for bitshares and that bitshares has dropped out from the top 100 cryptocurrencies making it even more oblivious to the crypto community. Hopefully the upcoming fork on the 20th of Aug due to the new voting system might drive some fresh interest in bitshares and see the price go up again.

Just thinking about gateways and options.
 If you run the option that one of the gateways will become a scam, for example, as it recently happened with the openledger.
Take for example the asset Honest.cny. I have absolutely nothing against the Honest  and their assets. So simple as an example to make it more visual. So, if you launch the option that such or any other gateway, and with it their asset, let it be honest.cny will become a scam for example within a year.
Then you, possessing for example 100,000 honest.cny, can buy the option for 1% of the face value and hedge your risk for a year from the loss of 100,000 cny in premiums. You ask why for 1%. Obviously, if an honest.cny asset is not going to become a scam, then its owner, absolutely without risk to himself (here I note that this is only an investment risk), can sell you such an option for 1%, showing that the honest.cny asset is stronger the rocks.

In other words, we will receive the same decentralization only in the traditional way. Or another option is possible, if only a year ago there was an option that the openledger would become a scam, but the openledger himself did not offer you to buy an option for 1%. Would it make you think that open.btc is not as reliable as Ronnie's calm face speaks of this?
 I will leave aside again that here it is necessary to consider the reliability of the option itself. But still. The development of such tools seems to make sense.
I'm interested in this kind of option, it would make a lot of sense for my asset crudengn

General Discussion / Re: Congrats to 105 on CMC
« on: July 22, 2020, 02:47:19 pm »
Quite unfortunate, being kicked out of top 100 shows we are not growing as we supposed to, too bad the top voters can't see this

Website is still down, it was due to a hosting account mishap, hopefully it will be resolved by the end of the day.
We have some new rules that will improve our Naira coin called BMR.... It has been added to the theory section of my BITPAPER and will be new standard of trading for CRUDE.NGN.... BMR is also the standard Binance uses for fiat currencies and it works well for them so it will work well for CRUDE.NGN too. Happy trading, prices have been adjusted as usual...

104 is under construction for now, am working on a new hosting it will be up and running later in the day.
Also there were changes made to my trading pattern, plus a new program has been designed to fast track adoption...

General Discussion / BTS TA for 12TH JULY 2020
« on: July 12, 2020, 11:43:32 am »
Currently BTS price is close to 0.0252USD which is close to an old resistance of 0.0263, above this resistance is the 0.032-0.035 resistance levels which are critical to restore the bitasset pegs. Bitshares is over 15% up from where it was at this time last month. Bitshares traded between 0.0207 to 0.027USD within that time a rough 30% gain if u had caught both positions. So far BTS appears to be in an uptrend channel on the daily and 4H charts and is testing the 0.024-0.025USD, with current resistance at 0.027USD level, a failure to hold support may lead to a crash to the 0.022USD.
SUPPORT LEVELS: 0.0245, 0.022, 0.020
RESISTANCE LEVELS: 0.026, 0.035, 0.040

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