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I don't believe that MMCPOOL and 1GH got the memo about our change in source status. The source is staying open, however a few changes we implemented still had some crucial testing to do to make sure the network won't collapse.

The current source, which was updated to reflect pre-v3 conditions while we hammer these bugs out, are located on the github repo:

For now, the most active pool on the network is located at:

If you would like to take advantage of the decrease in network power due to the shutdown of GPU pools, please redirect your miners.

How to connect on YAM:
mine = stratum+tcp://
mine = stratum+tcp://

mine = stratum+tcp://YOURADDRESS@

How to connect on minerd:
minerd.exe --url --user YOURADDRESS --threads x
minerd.exe --url --user YOURADDRESS --threads x

minerd.exe --url --user YOURADDRESS -threads x

How to view Pool Stats: