Author Topic: Mumble Hangout from 10-24 with Greg Slepak who did work on DNS DAC.  (Read 551 times)

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If you are curious what was killed and what might be resurrected if DNS DAC can find the right developers, then listen to this show.  Originally I planned on cleaning this up even more, but it got the standard annotation + once over edit.  Only show I ever hosted and thanks to all the guys who showed up and helped ask some great questions.

0:00 Show begins with Greg Slepak aka Tao Effect.
1:10 Greg gives an introduction to DNSChain and what the goals of the project are.
4:05 The distinction on leasing accounts versus true ownership that a blockchain provides.
4:40 How is this related to Namecoin which was the first project to use DNSChain?
6:15 Isn't this a resolver for DNS?
7:10 How is this implemented to enable the security? Browser extension? What about the SSL specification? How about light-weight clients?
8:35 Greg delves into the differences in lightweight clients types.
11:57 Talk about how you should be able to have DNSChain on a router so that every household could have a secured copy of the blockchain.
14:17 What are the security issues if your blockchain becomes isolated from the main network?
17:02 Is there a reason why DNSChain isn't implemented in the OS?
18:53 Using a proxy server to prevent Man-In-The-Middle attacks?
20:05 How does Greg feel about this being accepted into the TLS/SSL specifications? Conversation of how the security issues impact national security and how the NSA might operate.
23:55 How centralization can be used as a tactic against decentralized protocols like email.
25:44 Lets talk about TrueCrypt and what happened with it being shutdown? Greg talks about a different product similar he has worked on, similar to TrueCrypt - Espionage (
31;00 For more information on DNSChain,
31:42 How does the product secure the link between the user and the DNSChain? And how about any user and any particular website?
35:12 How about resolving across multiple-DNSChain servers?
36:30 What about the talk of plausible of deniability on the okTurtles site?
41:12 Discussion goes into legality and political issues involving crypto and the drug war.
45:43 What about people who put forth the effort that national security agencies need access to our lives to protect us?
50:34 Discussion of social media removing power of traditional media.
52:20 Could DNSChain used to verify communications on platforms such as Twitter? Conversation transitions into talk about interaction with the Great Firewall.
55:26 When is this tech available?
57:05 What about combining DNS DAC and Namecoin at the same time?
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