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If you're going to chop the thread in half to remove my comments you should probably remove the part where you namedrop me as well... just sayin.

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With respect to "marketing" payouts... those are not for "one guy" but for entire teams working on stuff.

That original 40% of stake was meant for the Follow My Vote team to pay for development, marketing, and other expenses to make the Vote DAC happen, correct? In addition to that there would be funding via delegates through dilution of stake.

What will that 40% which is now converted into vested BTS (a 2-year vested stake of 30 million BTS) be used for now? Is it still meant to support the Follow My Vote team? Is some of it meant to compensate Adam for marketing work he will be doing for BitShares generally and not specifically for the voting functionality? Is the approximately 290,000 BTS per week (currently valued at $5,365 per week) due to the vesting constraints expected to be enough (in value and in speed of availability) to pay for the necessary expenses? I assume that the Follow My Vote team is working on their efforts in parallel with rather than being dependent on the core devs who are working on multisig, lightweight clients, Key Graph, Turing complete scripts, etc.? Will you use the BTS stake made possible from AGS funds that will still remain in your possession, even after the distribution you have planned, to vote for 100% pay delegates that would have been paid through the original 40% stake of the Vote DAC had the merger not gone through? Also, when can we expect the details on what amount of funds remain after the merge of each type (liquid BTS, liquid BitUSD, vested BTS, BTC) and how and to whom they will be distributed to?


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With respect to "marketing" payouts... those are not for "one guy" but for entire teams working on stuff.

I am not Rune or alphaBar... I do not care if it is one guy or 10...

I just hope the 'stuff' this/those guys are working on, is worth a million bucks upfront...more so than everybody else combined...

after all this amount is what? 65-85% of the whole AGS fund....

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With respect to "marketing" payouts... those are not for "one guy" but for entire teams working on stuff. 
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I'm reluctant to say so (sending this post back to the top of the list) but it does seem rather extreme....
I expect that they are worth it and I trust in BM and Stans judgement. I'm sure everyone else will once the brainstorming produces it's fruit


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Our whole team spent yesterday afternoon with the whole marketing team.  Awesome guys.
I consider their success to be a foregone conclusion.  We are so lucky to have them.  Dan and I are super excited.

But actions speak louder than words.  Watch what happens.   :)

This post concerns me... quite a bit.

Line #1 - sounds, like you met them for the first time... no good, considering the 100K salary of their boss, and up to 150K pre-hiring bonus of said team.

Line #2 - The last time I heard BM getting really exited was about the VOTE DAC... well mostly VOTE was trying to kill the main baby ... the main product BTSX... so...

And let me spill the whole truth while at it:

The other Marketing guy got how much pre-paid bonus?

40% of VOTE which is 40% of 3% of 2.5 Bill BTS, before anybody seeing any results?
30 Mil BTS????

 $450K to $900K and he has not done a thing?

And at the same time the people that actually build the product get crucified (17 page thread, of pure non-sense by the crazies, like crazyBar? ) for getting a meager 3 Mil BTS bonus.... give me a break...