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The XCurrency forum has a neat feature:


There's a few forums I check several times per day, and this feature saves me a bit of hassle.  (I'm assuming) it shows me all threads that have new posts since the last time I visited the site.  Also helpful: if I reload or page through the results, it maintains my "last visit" time, so I don't have to worry about missing any topics if I go to another page on the forum.

I can achieve almost the same thing on the BTSTalk forums by visiting the Recent Unread Topics page, but there are two important differences:

  • If I load some topics in new tabs as I'm going down the list and then page through the topics list (e.g., click on the link to go to page 2 on the unread topics page), I think I sometimes miss a few topics.  E.g., topics that would have been at the top of page 2 "move" to the bottom of page 1, but since this doesn't happen until I go to page 2, I just end up not seeing those topics.
  • When I'm done, I have to remember to click the "Mark All Messages As Read" button, which I suspect has the side effect of marking as read any posts that were created after I loaded the "Recent Unread Topics" page but before I clicked the MAMAR button (i.e., that I didn't actually get a chance to see before marking them as read).
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