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 +5% thank you, wildpig, that is what I eager to have.  8)

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Newest changes for Bitshares Play whitepaper(additional information)
by Hackfisher

Nearly all value creating comes from the basic needs of humans. As for the gaming fields which Bitshares Play is dedicated to, the needs of game players can be divided into several classes: one is based upon risk-reward or luck, which is focused on reward. The other one is the need for entertainment and a sense of achievement, which is more like consumption or social activity.

Based on these two kinds of needs, different types of games were developed. The extreme example for the first kind is gambling games. There are different feelings toward gambling games in different countries and cultures.  One view is that humans are not perfect thus this kind of need should be suppressed, another view would be to trust the technology that a free market has to offer .

As a decentralized network and technology, Bitshares PLAY doesn't need to care about the different views of values. But as a game platform and DAC, different design would affect the games it should support. The major goal for Bitshares PLAY is to connect the game community and crypto community though technological innovation, so the conflict with different views of values should not be a task for us to care or solve.  So, we choose to support games for consumption and entertainment purposes instead of supporting gambling games.

We choose a one-way exchange model instead of a two-way built-in exchange, especially for on-chain games. That means the system can only trade PLS for game CHIPS (all coin or prop in games ) under present prices, not vice-versa. The income for selling CHIPS will give one part to the game providers, the other part belongs to the system. The price of CHIP from an on-chain game will depend on the total sold value and the total supply of CHIP.

On the other hand, the second hand game-props market still exists between players by the P2P model. The system will automatically match the buyer and seller to enhance efficiency. This kind of automatic exchange model is one of the advantages of a DAC compared to the traditional off-line trading platform. This kind of market model can help the circulation for goods and consumption, protect the interest for the plays, and promote the trading volume for the game providers. Some of the traditional platforms like Steam can do the same thing, but the transparency and trustless mechanism of a DAC is better.

At this point, we can see the model in Bitshares PLAY becomes to simplify and unify, and to be a decentralized game mall and second-hand game props market. The games in the game mall have on-chain and off-chain games, the difference depends on how the price will be set and if it's based on trust. On-chain games refer to those rules and economic models that exist on the blockchain.  The pricing model is based on income history and the current supply amount . On the other hand, the pricing model for off-chain games is solely decided by the game provider, the value of the game coins is determined by the credits of the provider, the DAC would set a reputation system to prevent fraud. Even compared to the traditional games, the advantage of a DAC unmanned company is huge. These advantages include no middleman (meaning lower risk, lower cost), transparency, openness and a degree of automation.

For mass adoption we need a traditional platform like PeerTracks for Music. is such a platform. Like we said before, this kind of platform is just a node in the decentralized network of DAC, just like BitPay for Bitcoin. Everyone can build such platform, the network itself is decentralized and basic on open protocol. PLAY would prefer a model like BitPay to solve the volatility issue instead of a BitUSD model. These two models have different advantages and disadvantages. The reason for to choose the BitPay model is that it's easy to spread and understand. As for future plans, it would not be difficult to change to a BitUSD model after it matures as long as we keep flexibility.

Thanks for Gulu, Clar, HeyD, Boombastic 's contribution for this article.

translated by cn-members  (may be not translated well enough, if something's wrong, let me know)
English text and grammer polished by mira .
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