Author Topic: Cryptsy Users - Withdraw Your PTS or Risk Losing It - Immediate Action Needed  (Read 906 times)

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If you're holding any PTS (Bitshares PTS, formerly ProtoShares) on Cryptsy, I recommend that you withdraw it to your wallet now.

There's an upcoming mandatory fork that upgrades PTS from PoW to DPOS that enjoys the broad support of the PTS community.

Cryptsy has not so far responded to any of the devs or stakeholders as to how it intends to respond to the upgrade.

Considering previous form regarding distributions and lack of support for DPOS assets, there is a high risk that Crypsty won't support users in the transition and that users will lose their PTS.

The valuation date for the upgrade takes place on the 14th of December. However, the PTS network has slowed to a crawl, sometimes seeing only 1 block a day so I recommend placing the withdrawal order ASAP.

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