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I want a PTS loan so that I can contribute to the exchanges at .02% and help keep it on the xchanges which will help others buy into PTS at the same time and further its stability  :) this is the best coin on the market and trade volume needs to be higher to prove it, so if you get way to many extra BTC spindoctaa, shoot some my way and I will buy some PTS with it and trade night and day  :)
 BTC 15T3cHaxzebs24UVdBpFi9BsCK2GNtMyPc
 PTS PsxYRFvhJnthCZ6Ga9HWrLqmNHh9KmNycB

Do you know anyone that has acquired a loan through btcjam?
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is anyone able to fund my loan through BTCJam, I am rooting on this as I may have just been scammed out of a lot of BTC and was going to buy new hardware. Please I need no should haves or unnecessary talk just if ppl will fund it so I can purchase some new hardware. i will repay it as stated on the terms in my BTC jam link here.

I would really appreciate your kindness in lending this so I am able to get this hardware ASAP and will most certainly pay it back. It's pretty gutwrenching to scam and be scammed and I know how it feels so wouldn't do so. PLEASE HELP.