Author Topic: What is the delineation between Peertracks and Bitshares Music?  (Read 4915 times)

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Following the advice of the Peertracks web site, I'm asking clarifying questions because I think the big project of equitable music distribution and commerce is vital for a healthy creative industry and I would expect others to have these same questions. As a part-time musician and a full-time software engineer, my obsession with blockchain technology has led me with great interest to this project. I'm concerned there may be insufficient clarity around the projects and their funding.

My understanding is that the presale of Notes raises money for the development of the Bitshares Music Foundation's own Bitshares Music blockchain upon which any "front-end" can provide music distribution services and artist coin services. Owners of Notes have an expectation that their contribution is used to build a common value.

Peertracks is the first of these front ends and is also being built by the same developers as the blockchain. Peertracks is also privately owned company while the Bitshares Music Foundation is a non-profit organisation. I don't know who the officers of the foundation are (is this published somewhere?)

Please correct me if any of this is wrong or misinterpreted.

Let me assure you I am not implying that there is any kind of misconduct or misleading behaviour going on. I expect there is merely an information gap as there often is in startups and projects at the beginning.

Nevertheless, I am looking for some specific information disclosures.

Are there some published statements from Peertracks or the Bitshares Music Foundation about which funds are used for funding the common utility of the DAC, the blockchain, open source code and which money will be used to develop and market Peertracks proprietary systems and brand properties? It seems the two organisations are very closely aligned and operationally blended.

Is there a source code repository for any of the work being funded by the sale of Notes?

This information would be crucial for my own decision process of whether to contribute financially to such a project and yet I have not been able to find this on the forum or on or which has a very prominent exclusive link to

thanks in advance,


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