Author Topic: I think Dogecoin is about to have a large rise  (Read 5999 times)

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Dogecoin is not the only crypto, giving huge  buy signals.

This might be the start of another crazy crypto time, with one after the other taking off.

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Doge is currently at 69 satoshis, on Jan 21.   I just bought 5 BTC worth yesterday at 68-69.

All of the indicators are looking like Dogecoin is about to enter a large move upwards.  After finding a bottom at 50 sat, it handled the bitcoin crash well and now looks poised for a move over 100, possibly significantly higher.

Of course, BTS also looks like its going higher.  But if you have any money laying around in BTC or something, consider putting some of it into DOGE right now.  If we are correct, we can sell it within the next month for a significant gain and use the profits to buy up BTS and help drive it higher. 

In the past I have had MUCH more success predicting DOGE than predicting BTS.  I dont know why, but maybe its because the DOGE traders are less sophisticated, and this makes the chart much more clear.   They dont have people who have gone long bitUSD or bitCNY trying to manipulate the BTS price so they can make a profit on their bitUSD/bitCNY trades.

Anyway, this is just my opinion, you are responsible for whatever trades you make. :) 
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