Author Topic: Attack on DevShares / client misbehaving?  (Read 6652 times)

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Offline wackou

last 10 minutes on my laptop:

this is something that happens exactly every 30 seconds...
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Offline wackou

Since yesterday morning, 2015-03-09 at about 07:40 UTC, my DVS delegate's CPU usage has been spiking, with a client that seems to be connecting / disconnecting a lot:

This is still going on as of today. This also happens when I run a DevShares client on my laptop, so is not restricted to my delegates. see the last 5 minutes on my laptop (no wallet open):

Is this an attack / spamming of the DevShares network? More likely, could it be some client on the network that is misbehaving (hinted at by the deconnection/reconnection)?

I have this IP that comes up in the client a lot:
Code: [Select]
Peer disconnected us: You offered us a block that we reject as invalid

Can anyone shed a light on what could be happening here?
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