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Debian Linux Server/Cloud Miner Script

This is a Daemon Helper script that makes managing your MMC miner on Debian Linux seamless.

Use and test at your own risk.

I have been relentlessly working on this for a couple of days now + running it on my servers.

I've seen performance increases of 10-40% on most of my servers just by running this script.
Also, repairs and reinstallations are effortless.

It downloads and compiles the MMC Daemon from source using git.

  • Completely easy Installation
  • Easily Restart your Daemon
  • Easily clear Block DB
  • Rebuild from scratch for new versions or to start fresh
  • Get Daemon Information
  • Print Last debug lines
  • Watch Debug Information
  • Watch Daemon Statistics (fine tuned without daemon performance degradation)
  • Auto Restart Capability on crash (WIP)

Type this in console as root:
Code: [Select]
cd ~;rm; wget;chmod +x; ./
Feel free to browse the code and make new suggestions.