Author Topic: Voter Addresses and Voting for Non-VTE addresses  (Read 942 times)

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Voter Addresses and Voting for Non-VTE addresses
« on: January 09, 2014, 09:08:05 pm »
I want some specific behavior out of my wallets / voting to give good traceability / etc.

I created a new QT wallet, and imported my "root" address below:

Sent a payment to my root address, then I imported the following addresses into the same qt wallet:

Sent 1 Satoshi to each of the above addresses from the wallet.

That's intended to link them / show ownership in the blockchain for traceability.  I want to use those as "cXo Support" addresses - kind of like being a contractor - for any payments / support from others for "generic" cXo support instead of just competing over votes at an MVTEcXo address.

E.g., officers or non-officers could send a satoshi / donation / payment to those addresses to indicate I've been contributing to current officers or those general roles in the community.  The blockchain history of those could be used to calculate a "trust" ranking and be linked back to my main root address. do I confirm they're set-up correctly?  Any recommendations for how to setup the wallets? Should I be using separate wallet.dat files for the "Root" addresses and the "Support" addresses? Etc

1) Is this even possible with bitcoin? I may remember hearing that bitcoin is really destroying the original address / sending the remaining original balance to a new address / etc...

2) Chainbrowser doesn't seem to show anything coming out of the root address - does chainbrowser show transfers of 1 satoshi?

3) Does mmcvotes only show votes to MVTE addresses, or votes to any address? 

4) mmcvotes is also currently only showing 1 vote from my root address to FaSan, but I've also voted for other officers.  I think I saw all my votes on mmcvotes a few days ago, but now just FaSan.  Can you vote for more than one address from the same balance and have them count? (or will #1 prevent that?)

Overall, it may look like I need to maintain separate wallet.dat files for each address, and use separate addresses/balances to vote for separate officers...that's a lot of manual work to try to maintain my own accounting / update votes / etc...

Any suggestions?

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Re: Voter Addresses and Voting for Non-VTE addresses
« Reply #1 on: January 09, 2014, 09:19:32 pm »
I wrote something about the voting process here , this may also help to understand your questions.

Chainbrowser only shows incomings for an address.
mmcvotes only shows votes for MVTEcXo style addresses.

About your setup:
When you imported the MAXPWR address and sent something there it was on that address. After you sent a satoshi to MAXceo the client probably moved your balance to the address that was created with the wallet (if you had sent the satoshi to a MVTE address, the vote would be counted from that address).
So the Satoshi you sent to MAXcmo probably was sent from the wallet address, not MAXPWR.

That's kind of a guess now, but the way I understand the client to work. To be sure you should check the transactions on chainbrowser.

About your missing votes: if you're curious, check the vote transactions and the involved addresses. if you just wanna fix it, follow the posting in the linked thread
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