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That's the way I did it:

- sent all coins (except the 0.0001 fee) to one of my addresses
- voted
- looked for the transaction number at chainbrowser, my whole balance has been moved to another address (called voting address from now on)
- voted again, checked at chainbrowser, balance moved to voting address again
- repeated the last step for the rest of votes

So basically: move all coins to one address, and start voting.
You can check chainbrowser to verify no more addresses get involved.
You can use "listaddressgroupings" in the console to check the balance of the addresses, and to check who the address you have your balance on is voting for.

Probably unnecessary to say, but: forget about the btc best practice of creating multiple addresses for transactions, stick to the address your wallet chose to use for voting.
If you are uncomfortable with this: create a new wallet for your holdings, vote from there, and use the old wallet like you did before.
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I have in my wallet too many addresses. And each has received. I want to vote. From what is the address I will give my vote? Is it possible to select from what address I send 1 Satoshi? How to transfer all the coins to a single address? Explain, please.
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