Author Topic: New Autonomous Corporations can reward loyal customers with own bitshares  (Read 1104 times)

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Throughout your entire life you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars. What if you never had to waste any of that money but instead had a legitimate chance to buy what you'd normally buy only you'd also get free cryptoshares if you bought from a new distributed autonomous corporation? It's not a bad idea. Blocks are replaced with products sold.

First 1000 products sold yield 1000
1001-10000 products sold yield 500
10001-100000 products sold yield 250, etc.

In this manner, the consumer can make a profit for his / herself while getting what they wanted anyways! Consumers will be excited to be a part of a company and will support it for years to come and the DAC will have organic investors.

It can work because originally the USD$ value of 1000 shares might be $1, but as the DAC becomes more profitable with more and more revenue, dividends and the value of 1 share may become $1 or even a $100 in time.

DACs are open and distributed, by the people, and for the people!

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Thank You!!