Author Topic: How to calculate MMC stats?  (Read 5442 times)

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UPDATE: The bot is up and running in #memorycoin and ##mmc-spam on freenode.

Hi I need some in-depth information on the MMC network.

Please, can anyone answer me some of the following questions as accurate as possible.

Some questions seem to be trivial but I need a complete overview in here.
  • How to see/calculate current block height, difficulty and reward?
  • Whats the difficulty retarget time/mechanism? How to calculate next diff if possible?
  • Whats the reward retarget mechanism? Is it the same as in PTS?
  • How to find out how many MMC are already minted?
  • Is it possible to calculate network hashrate from blocktime? If so, how? If not, how else?
  • How to calculate the estimated time to find a block solo based on own hashrate?
  • Which exchanges accept MMC and where can I find the API?
I'm working on a better IRC-bot currently and need as much information as possible.

--- donSchoe

PS:    8. What else do you want the bot to "know"?

Edit: Thanks for answering most of the questions already!
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