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Funny how the things people are supposed to "Read first" are the things they avoid.
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PENDING bounties are subject to change and cancelation all together without payout.  These are bounties that are in the negotiation phase with the community to establish the exact requirements and where questions can be answered.  Any work started on these bounties is purely speculative to get a head start.  If an acceptable solution is found we may payout the bounty without ever leaving the PENDING state.

CONSTRUCTION In some cases, development of detailed requirements (or decomposing a bounty into sub-bounties) may be part of the bounty work - with a pause for approval before proceeding to the ACTIVE state.

ACTIVE bounties are ones which we feel have had enough discussion to make requirements clear and therefore we commit to the terms of the bounty.  These bounties must be paid out at some time.  This commitment should not infer a legal commitment.  We work on the honor system only. 

LAST CALL bounties are ones for which an acceptable solution has been provided and any competitors have a small window of opportunity to produce a better alternative. 

COMPLETED bounties are ones for which all work is done

PAID self explanatory.

SUPPORT  Some bounties may include a support or testing period before the final payment is made.

If you begin work on any bounties you agree to trust our good faith effort to communicate requirements and be a fair arbiter of disputes.  All bounties represent an amount we are willing to pay for something that we can use and satisfies our expectations of quality and completeness. 

We will likely require you to produce a far more detailed objective requirements list prior to accepting such terms.   For efficiency sake we are only willing to work with reasonable people and not legalistic people.  Our bounties are set to be very generous (in our opinion) and in exchange we reserve the right to demand excellence and satisfaction.  The customer is always right, and in this case we are the customer.     

At no time shall any bounty be construed to represent a legal obligation.  These bounties are merely expressions of what we intend to pay based upon our honor and reputation.  If you want legally binding contracts please go elsewhere.  Those that work with us will be well compensated and rewarded.

Bounties are effectively advertisements that we are looking to buy a service and the market has the opportunity to produce an off-the-shelf solution that we can purchase.   

A bounty is not a contract.
It is an opportunity to win a prize for pleasing a potential customer.

The complete list of bounty rules may be found here:

Please do not do work on a bounty unless you agree to abide by these rules.

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