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yep, posted this also on SLACK some month before..!
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It a polished for profit version of SQRL.

I sure hope we do everything possible to integrate SQRL.

Clef seems like something that would be well-aimed at enterprise/employee use of a BTS DPOS chain, but SQRL seems like the obvious open-source built-in, p2p option.

Business, yes: 

Individual, yes:

I was a bit worried when bytemaster claimed a few weeks ago on a mumble that it was QR-based.

AFAIU, SQRL has not been QR-based since the first few weeks of inception - I'm fairly certain that Steve Gibson went out of his way only a few weeks into the project to rename it "Secured, Quick, Reliable Login" so as not to give the impression that QR codes are required.

The possible benefits of incorporating this into BTS, IDentabit, etc. seem priceless to me - if there were any community we would want to draw the attention of (especially near the release date) - it would be the security community surrounding Steve Gibson and TWiT.
I wouldn't doubt that we would get some notice from Steve and Leo if we were one of the first large projects to successfully implement it - and with it, probably some very good security stress tests as well.

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Just stumbled upon - that 2fa system looks amazing.

@bytemaster you aware of this?