Author Topic: Finding it hard to access the forum recently  (Read 1332 times)

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I've been finding it very hard to access the forum recently.

In chrome I just get SSL errors on almost every page load.

In Firefox I was logged out, couldn't log in with what I thought was my password, and the password reset doesn't work (times out even if you submit within a few seconds).

In TOR I could at least read the forum for a while, but then I just started getting Cloudflare's infuriating impossible to solve captchas (and I mean literally impossible - sometimes it is clear what it says but then it claims you got it wrong even when you are certain you got it right).

For days I've been trying, every now and the,n to use the forum, and it was only just now when I remembered that internet explorer still exists for now that I've actually been able to access the forum and log in.