Author Topic: Revenue sharing model to allow crowdfunding major BTS blockchain additions  (Read 1334 times)

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I believe the new referral programme is a powerful marketing solution that besides being decentralised is also cost effective because it rewards results not good intentions or vote wrangling. It also doesn't require the direct dilution of shares in highly illiquid start-ups to pay for it.

However we don't have a similar solution on the development side. BTS could potentially enjoy major blockchain improvements without having to pay for them or take the risk that they are duds by creating a revenue sharing model that incentivises external developers and investors.

For example, Augur has raised over $1 million in it's crowdsale. I don't know any of the details but I imagine CNX could deliver a similar solution for a fraction of the cost. However I don't believe highly illiquid start-ups can afford to pay very much at all in immediately tradeable equity. Even vested shares would negatively effect the share price because of their future cost and the fact that there are still 300 million merger shares vesting over the following year.

So what if CNX crowdfunded for a BTS prediction or bond market? They could potentially raise a lot more than the blockchain would ever be able to pay directly.

Also just like BitSapphire said we'll open source (or whatever I forget) if we raise X. CNX could also say we'll do this other (not directly profitable) blockchain addition for free if we raise $X for a bond market or prediction market.

That way BTS like Ethereum gets those beneficial blockchain additions without having to pay for them directly but perhaps in a way that shares a more of the revenue from those additions with BTS than Augur might share with Ethereum.
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