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VOTE to the rescue
« on: September 20, 2015, 05:22:03 pm »
I am looking forward to the day that Voting will be decentralized. Every exit poll company in Greece just predicted, or intentionally propagated wrong results for the elections for the last 2 weeks...The end real results completely different!
I think that in Greece we are now used to run elections all the time so a decentralized cost effective Voting, with accurate results and predictions would be really helpful here  :)

Seriously now..Everyone is talking now about how unreliable the galops and the predictions of the results are, how these companies manipulated the true results even if they knew that their numbers were incorrect etc etc...I can now see how Vote can play a very important role in the future of BTS! This product will be easily sold to the new Government. Get this ready and I will help promote it.
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