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Gui related
« on: October 20, 2015, 02:54:36 pm »
1) Can we please build something to show all open orders from each account in one page? It is very difficult to remember which account has open orders and clicking to each account separately

2) When we vote someone with proxy with 1 account does it take into account only the balance of the account used to vote or the balances of all the accounts? I assume the former but I don't think that many people who have small balances in other accounts will ever go to those accounts and vote. But small balances here and there when they add up may be significant and this way voting is more accurate

3) I am sure that as many have mentioned trade history (market and our trade history) are very important in the exchange

4) Where do we stand with the implementation of the % of ownership? Can this be shown and take into account all the balances of a wallet and not the % of the specific account?

5) Collateral positions migrated from bts 0.9.3c which may have closed and do not need to be on the dashboard anymore. Can we get rid of these?

6) Are the backups .bins deterministic?  I don't think that if I make a back up .bin and I import to a different browser it will show up all the transactions. I played around last night and I came to this conclusion..Also in one browser I have renamed 3 wallets but on the other browser only one wallet appears..Anyway I am not sure what i have done or how to describe exactly what I

Overall I have to say that the new bts2 is awesome and I don't understand how it is even possible not having reached the moon yet..