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Step 1: Acquire old folks home, or land with minimal govt. retrictions on it's use, and develop sustainable cob/wooden structures suitable for elderly housing.

2: Permaculture it up to create a pleasant  retirement environment self sufficient in food, energy and water. Healthcare labour is by far the highest expense.

3: Places for residents are determined by lottery, on a provably fair blockchain.

4: Lottery entry requires posting collateral. If granted a place, this collateral will be accepted as payment for X-time. If a place is not granted, a small % of the collateral is kept, and added to the working capital of the retirement home.
If a resident is denied a place, the second time they apply they receive a probability bonus increase of Y% but are still required  to post collateral.

5: A minority Z% of the places are scholarships. From the hopefully profit-making collateral payments of rich people who want to 'guarantee' a place for their old relatives. Residents who post zero collateral in the lottery process are granted places out of this scholarship fund (which would have to be large enough to cover several years of scholarship-resident expenses, or provide working capital to invest in ancillary business to sustain funding.)

6: As labour costs are high and demands for places are also high, volunteering as a healthcare assistant increases the chances of your relative being granted a place.
A small team of highly trained full-time careworkers are on site to provide high quality training to new volunteers.

7: Reevaluate variables to balance labour costs and new investment from posted collateral to ensure a stable environment for existing residents.

8: Invest in new sites to increase resident capacity.

9: Apply principles to other social care projects

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