Author Topic: Could we have a subforum / child board for economics concerning Bitshares?  (Read 1470 times)

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@fav .. i can recall we had something like this some while ago but probably was removed due to only few traffic .. i still agree with the op that this topic may become increasingly interesting

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I'm afraid that many really interesting discussions are getting forgot in other subforums. It would be nice to have own subforum for economics discussion for topics like general theory of DAC, how to make profitable business with services we provide (such as smartcoins), what to take into account when tuning blockchain parameters (more general theory that the committee could use for basis of their decisions), to get feedback for potential business ideas to be build on Bitshares platform, privately funded features on blockchain, incentives of every kind of user of Bitshares, etc.

It could be BitShares/Economics or BitShares/General Discussion/Economics

This would be intended only for discussion about economics of Bitshares DAC, other economic topics should go to Trading & Speculation or Random Discussion.