Author Topic: Why do you still have bytemaster as proxy? Why are you still voting for STEALTH?  (Read 2871 times)

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[member=19939]jakub[/member] BM/CNX has already showed that they wouldn't bring anything else for you to vote, why not present your opinion by voting against current choice?

(1) I vote for STEALTH instead of NOTHING because I prefer STEALTH to NOTHING.
Thus my vote is not meant to be a political manifestation but the actual choice for the best option out of the two available.

(2) I am being realistic here: at this stage we need CNX to be strong and CNX needs cash to pay their developers and grow. CNX is our strategic partner. One might argue that CNX being weak or non-existent would attract another company to fill the space, but even if this is true (which I doubt) we would end up replacing one CNX with another CNX.

(3) And last but not least: STEALTH does not matter to me personally but more people than I expected have declared that STEALTH is important to them.
So there seems to be actual market demand for this. Additionally, this is enforced by the feedback I get from people outside the crypto-world: whenever I demo the GUI to them, they are really surprised that their account and all transfers are publicly visible. They are not used to that as the legacy systems don't allow it.
For all .... happy year 2016.

I wish bm will be a shining star in the new year and bts price  to the moon
Stealth has been approved by now .. removing your votes will not change anything wrt hard fork approval

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To turn my broken record player back on: This isn't a short game. It's not Stealth or nothing or MAS or nothing. It's a linear implementation of features. Until another software house gets up to speed on Graphene we'll just have to live with a serialized development path. This isn't ideal but it's not devastating. People have been saying since the start that we need feature x, y, or z next week or we'll lose first mover advantage. In my humble opinion as long as development keeps moving forward we'll eventually get everything we want. I don't see any "or" options here just "which order".

No one wants another software house to step up more than CNX. There is a lot of work they could be doing for a lot more money but, and again this is my uninformed opinion, they are held back by their desire to see BTS succeed and the lack of anyone else willing and/or able to work on the protocol.


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Why are you still voting for STEALTH

because i want STEALTH so i can import the rest of my monies without tonyk and those like him spying on muh financials and i want all of the features that are waiting for STEALTH to be implemented.

Yes sure me too, but not like this, please take a look at this,20751.msg268539.html#msg268539