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I'm developing and requesting contributions to support marketing development. 

I see a spiral of great projects ahead of us, one of which are a set of cartoon-ish evil characters which we could use to model valuation:

FreeTrade = Officers, Value, Good = Value - Costs
NewMine = Miners, Income, Required = Price - Costs
MaxPower = Exchanges, Growth, Necessary = Future Value

Long-term, could be used to educate children in finances and cryptocurrencies.  Mid-term, it's how we model valuation and/or speed-up development of exchanges. 

Short-term, the labels don't matter. There's always three categories in classifications made by humans - past / present / future, father / son / mother, true / false / none of the above.  It's just how we use our multiple mental models to make valuations and reach decisions.

In fact, I kind of like the idea of the community subsuming the names away - best way to destroy their power in the present, keep their past value...why do you think we spread Satoshi around?

I'd like to continue developing and spreading some of these ideas, but I'm not a web or graphic designer / etc.  I'm looking to provide support as an author on a higher ranked platform to spread the message.

I'll be operating from: MAXPWRbxGMfUpHR4tVvzDdFtvhPcNRCABT

Please send donations of web development services and/or design.  Also accepting MMC for operating costs or Satoshi to indicate future marketing value. 

I intend to spawn specific projects from that site, and assign them MVTE addresses.  Satoshi shall indicate future value.  If sufficient value accumulates, MMC community shall fund through operating costs.  Once project is complete, these addresses shall send Satoshi to a supporter.


Note: Most of my previous addresses have changed do to new wallets / etc...Check for up-to-date info.
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