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Sign me up. Been following your repository for quite a while now. But never looked into the code yet.

To get started, where do you need the most help?

Really sorry to leave you hanging so long, @5chdn. For some reason BTSTalk didn't see fit to notify me of replies to this thread.

For all who wish to get in contact with me, you can catch me on Freenode IRC on #followmyvote, or poke the github issues, or just email me at nathan at

To answer the question, we have a lot of need of both GUI devs and C++ devs. Our reference GUI is in QML, which is easy to learn. I can point you at some good materials if you want to pick it up. Alternatively, if you want to make a different GUI with another stack, get in touch with me and I'll do what I need to on the backend to give you what you need. We're just about to start our blockchain integration phase in the C++, so that will involve tying directly into the BitShares code, both in the wallet and the full node. Our work on the full node will be done as a BitShares plugin.

@xeroc It's never too late to learn! ;) But there's also the QML, which, like I said, is super easy to pick up, particularly for someone who's done any coding before.

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Sign me up. Been following your repository for quite a while now. But never looked into the code yet.

To get started, where do you need the most help?

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or: "halp plz!" :)

I'm working on getting Follow My Vote's stake-weighted voting app for BitShares implemented, but there's only one of me and lots of work! So we've launched a code contributor program to encourage contributions from the community. It is Follow My Vote's opinion that BitShares is the most powerful and app-friendly blockchain technology available today, and we'd really like to see BitShares grow and thrive, and we think one way to make that happen is to build an app with general appeal using the BitShares blockchain, and market it to the general public to bring new users into the ecosystem. If you'd like to help us make that a reality, please check out the program, and give us a hand. We'd really appreciate the help! The sooner we can get a usable, marketable app in place, the sooner we can start bringing in users and encouraging adoption of BitShares. Moreover, this will be a precedent for a third party application which operates on the BitShares blockchain, which may encourage other devs to use the platform as well.

Now, what's in it for you? Well, aside from the fact that if you're reading this, you probably care about BitShares and want to see it grow and thrive as much as I do, I also want to highlight our MERIT UIA. The details are near the bottom of the code contributors page, but the overview is that we'll distribute MERITs in return for contributions as well as various other things we consider valuable. Eventually, we'll be running stake-weighted polls of MERIT in order to decide future development strategy, and we'll likely sponsor those polls so you can earn VOTE (our other UIA, which is used to buy FMV services. Normally you can buy 1 VOTE for $1) by voting with your MERIT. Both of these assets are tradeable on the exchange, so if all goes to plan, they should both become liquid (MERIT because it's similar to stake in future FMV development, VOTE because buying it on the exchange is likely cheaper than buying it new from us).

Check it out at

Any feedback on the program, the page, the MERIT system, our code, etc. is welcome! Thanks for reading!