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Well, not the tv show.....yet.

But picked up the Forbes story:

Too bad it says "bitcoin users"....

I think its a perfect way of telling bitcoin users everywhere ShareBits can be used to send BTC as well. All you need is change it to Open.BTC on the DEX, and there you go.
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Well, not the tv show.....yet.

Too bad it says "bitcoin users"....

You should leave a comment for the article.
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Hey ebit, here are the results of your tips...
Curious about ShareBits? Visit us at and start tipping BTS on today!
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Ill make the same statement I always do :)

"Sharebits is the yin to bitshares' yang. The softer face to that of brilliant and "all-business" day traders.  We dont turn people on to bitshares by showing them bar graphs--we do it my connecting with them and helping them create meaning (and thus value) for one another. The fact that it is using the fastest and most scalable blockchain in the world is just a Very Appealing plus."

This is why I called it sharebits from the beginning. And it was only possible with @ccedk @kuro @hyrbidd @Xypher  @testz

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Wish we could get Fuzzy on The Keiser Report to talk sharing bits!!

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Well, not the tv show.....yet.

But picked up the Forbes story:

Too bad it says "bitcoin users"....
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