Author Topic: Moving from SMF to Reddit could reduce impact of negative voices  (Read 4241 times)

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Yes .. some more presence in reddit would certainly help ...

Offline MarkoPaasila

Four huge benefits of reddit:
  • Threads. Good threads float to the top and vice-versa. Personal attacks and stupid arguments usually form their own branches, which are easy to downvote and omit
  • Voting. How dumb is it to write a new post containing duplicate information (quotes) and giving a  +5%
  • More publicity. There are lots of people who will never find out about bitsharestalk. Cross-posting could increase visibility
  • Superior mobile experience. SMF is crap on mobile screens

The first 3 would help reduce the appearance of negativity of the community and also reduce the impact of negative people and personal attacks. Also keeping up to date would be much more enjoyable with hot topics, new, rising and top.

There must be something better with SMF that I don't know 8) plus I don't expect most people to care. Just opening my mouth...
And thanks to @bitsapphire for hosting the forum.