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Might be relevant to your interests: Epicenter Bitcoin ep. 120 – Maciej Olpinski: Solving The Economic Mismatch Between Content And Attention

The problem around content monetization is one which content producers are constantly trying to solve. At the core of this problem is a mismatch between supply and demand. Content, which is increasingly abundant, is captured by human attention, which is in limited supply. The volume of content being produced is growing at staggering rates while total human attention remains flat.

Our guest, , argues that the current content monetization model is outdated, broken and is in need of an overhaul. Previously at Google and YouTube, Maciej has a broad understanding content monetization models and lays out a vision for open marketplaces for attention using blockchains. He argues that content discovery systems like the Google Page Rank algorithm and Facebook’s News Feed could be replaced by open networks based on the mechanics of Bitcoin.

Topics covered in this episode include:

– How the current content monetization model works and why it’s broken
– The inner workings of content discovery
– The economics of content discovery
– Open marketplaces for attention and reputation
– New web-native business models for content discovery

Maciej's blog

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This sounds exactly in line with my thinking. If I didn't have an important Skype call in 40 minutes I would listen to this now... Must save for later.

Thanks for the share!
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