Author Topic: BitUSD, BitCNY <-> BTC pairs now available on  (Read 4390 times)

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I suggest to not use names bitUSD and bitCNY (in dropdowns). Those smartcoins are available in wallet as USD and CNY. Do not confuse people even more.
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Does BlockTrades intend to do anything with their BitShares DEX trading pairs?  Its a ghost town on all pairs. : )

I'd love to trade with you, or a market you make, but I generally haven't found a need for a bridge.


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BitShares French ConneXion, le portail francophone BitShares.
BitShares French ConneXion, the BitShares french gateway.

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You can now buy and sell BitUSD and BitCNY for Bitcoin on (and also in the BitShares webwallet via the built-in bridge under the BlockTrades tab). We also theoretically support the same for BitEUR, but there's currently no markets to provide us with pricing discovery for it currently, so we'll have to wait for that market to pick up.

In the coming weeks we plan to introduce a few interesting new pairs (for some new coin types), but  in the meantime, if you're looking for a particular direct pairing among our existing coins that you think would generate regular traffic, please us know. Fast/Safe/High-Liquidity Crypto Coin Converter