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Have you ever dream a coin made to show your hype? Your dream comes true!
I'm proud to show you an UIA to show your hype. It is intended to be used as a tip for interesting projects.

This asset is not meant to have much value. The supply is currently pretty limited, only 100,000 HYPECOIN will be issued for now.
An autonomous free giveaway will occur as a tech demo for the Graphene-PHP Library at this address Moreover, the Graphene-PHP library should be made available before July 2016.

Ride the HypeTrain, Tip the Hype
All aboard the HypeTrain!
Make hype, not war!
The hype may be with you, young padawan

- Trade it on OpenLedger!
- Cryptofresh Insight

Be warned, this UIA is not affiliated with shitcoin, the logo maybe :-)
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