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Just a heads-up that I've made several improvements to the library recently.

First of all I've extracted the websocket rpc connection code into a separate library, graphenejs-ws. See this post for more info:,

Secondly, I've taken a page from Steemit's book and added a login class that uses account name + role + password to generate private keys. I've since used this login class to create a new basic wallet template:,22660.0.html

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A js lib for graphene. Finally!  Thank you!
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In an attempt to make Bitshares/Graphene development more accessible for JavaScript developers, I've extracted the api and crypto libraries from the graphene-ui repo into a separate package. This package will allow anyone to easily connect to and interact with the Bitshares blockchain through either a public or local API server.

All the transaction creation/signing code used by graphene-ui is included, which means you can easily create a trading bot in node.js for example using this library. That bot would only need access to a private key and an api server, no cli_wallet required. This library should also make it very easy to implement alternative front-ends for Bitshares.

The library is available through NPM using
Code: [Select]
npm install graphenejs-lib.

The open source code is available here, this repo also includes some basic examples:

I intend to expand on the examples, so if there's anything you'd like to see an example for let me know.
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