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hey sorry for my last post, but it was a drunken fart.
will try again now sober.

this is the view point of a noob, fanboy and simply end user.
i can't comment on the technically side, or if it can be implemented.

its just an idea after taking a look a the etherwallet
 and what i really liked about it.
The proposals tab.

in the ether wallet in the proposals tab, i get info on what proposals have been made
and if i click on them i get some more basic info in the wallet without having to click a external link.
with the option to go to a external link for more info and to discuss this topic further.

just wondering if we can get a proposals (tab/thing) and more info in the bitshares wallet,
like the ether wallet.

This can be a good way of informing bitshares users who don't spend time on the forums of when their
is a discussion/proposal on the future of bitshares occuring.

when i go to the worker, witnesses or committee members i get very little info and a link to a external website.
links to unknown url's is not something i want to click on
(especially on a computer i am running a crypto wallet on)
many of the committee members links do not work or have little or no info has to why i should vote
them in has committee members.
same with the witnesses,
most worker proposal links have done a very good job explaining why i should vote for them.

here does a great simply job of asking to be voted in has a witness.
nice simply markdown text.
no flashly site that does NOT explain why i should vote for him.

steemit would be ideal for this kind of posting, then at the bottom you can put your links to github commits, and websites projects you are working on.

while many committee members are know names/projects they are only know to people
who have been following the forums, and beyond bitcoin (btw great show fuzzy and everyone who takes part init)
and bitshares in general.

new user will not know this.

committee members, witnesses and workers should keep in mind the NEW members of bitshares.
Who don't know who they are, what they have done and what they are doing and why they should vote for them.

The best selling point of DPOS for me was the right to vote are stake.

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Good idea..
Although every witness has a URL after their name, better change that to link to steem?
BitShares committee member: abit
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hey guys just a quick idea i would like to put out there.

1st off i am not a dev , i am just a simply lazy end user and a small stake holder in bitshares.
and forgive my grammar.

i was checking out and its really nice.
wondering if you can do something like this in the bitshares wallet?
something like steemit were only bitshares stake holders can vote and post on.
voting power = share of stake in bitshares.
with a cost of *bts per post.

also when it comes to voting for delegates it not that easy for the lazy end user (me) to know who they are voting for and why.

if something like steemit can be added to the bitshares wallet , there could be a delegates section were delegates and people wanting to be delegates ( or asking for proxy voting power) can post, explaining why they are running has a delegate and why you should vote for them? and be able to vote your stake on the page.

something like this could make voting for delegates and proposals social media easy.