Author Topic: Why is Bitshares rising in price?  (Read 4878 times)

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Why is Bitshares rising in price?

Pump. Wait for dump.

This referral program is shit.

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the referral program is stupid .
However , it's not a pyramid scheme if the layer of that scheme is less than 2 (there is a rule somewhere in the law ) .

So the referral program is not a pyramid scheme . It's just a social promotion tool .

And it hasn't been get rid off yet .

And the price drop was no way related to whatever pyramid scheme you were talking about .

And the final answer is related to the gold question in stock market : why the share price always rises after I sold /  Why it drop after I brought it .

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I left Bitshares months ago and took a huge loss when they announced the pyramid scheme membership thing and pretty much since then Bitshares has been declining in popularity and price. Why all of a sudden is the price going up? Did they decide to get ride of that lame membership model and promoting pyramid scheme which will never work?  Sorry my post is negative but I'm just telling people how most people view Bitshares after 2.0 came out   

Any thoughts on the price jump recently?