Author Topic: Declaring The Result Of A Prediction Market - Removed From The UI?  (Read 1373 times)

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Could you use an older version of the light client and important the affected wallet? You should be able to access the areas with an older build.

Is the predicition market removed in the OpenLedger version only? Or also in the Lightclient built?
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My query relates to a prediction market that was created on OpenLedger a little while ago.

Here is the link

The date specified in the prediction market (1st of July 2016) has now passed and so the result should be declared to the network.

The creator of the prediction market (Johnny Bitcoin) isn't able to declare the result of the market because access to the predictions market seems to have been removed from the user interface.

I have 22,646 BTS locked up in this market which should have been released on the 1st of July. Because the market hasn't been resolved, this BTS remains unavailable.

Are there committee members that can help to declare the result of this prediction market?
Or does someone know the URL that would allow Johnny Bitcoin to gain access to the prediction markets module?

I would very much appreciate anyone's help on this.