Author Topic: Transfered OPEN.eth to Mist.. No funds showing.  (Read 1117 times)

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But still MIST is showing nothing received...
Your Myst wallet is not in sync, so you won't see any new transactions.

Note at the top of your screen image that it shows 0 peers. Now it could be argued that this information could be displayed more clearly (or at least it's significance to your wallet's functionality)... Fast/Safe/High-Liquidity Crypto Coin Converter

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It seems to have arrived, just a longer delay.

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Hi guys,

I did a test withdrawal from bitshares. I make a small exchange which was all good :)

Then I tried to withdraw through open ledger for 8.65 openETH to my mist wallet 0x533cb757c79fB4f6C74a0E4520b53125f9C17FeC

Tx deets look ok

But MIST is showing nothing incoming or nothing showing.

Does anyone have any suggestions to how I can magic them in to my MIST wallet?

Many thanks in advance