Author Topic: sept. MUSE project update from Cob  (Read 3064 times)

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(Low threads numebr for muse && No exchange for muse) = no interest on this project = MUSE IS DIED....

really disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:( >:(
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This gibberish must be a joke.

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cob [9:13 PM] 
Hi guys. working on two things at once atm.
Troopeers. Which does indeed have traction. Going around NYC we had a lot of interest to try out beta. We hired a guy to design entire UX and a new front end dev to implement all designs.

In the meantime, we are revamping the shit out of Muse and since the open sourced dotblockchainmusic project released their alpha last wednesday, we are in talks with their devs to see how we can work together. There are some very interesting pieces of the puzzle they are solving, which we can integrate into MUSE.
Either take some of that code directly in integrate it within MUSE OR simply connect up to their system and leverage that. Still very early but very promising, we've just been put in touch with their devs so that should be very helpful.

In other news, I AM going to be in Spain. I am giving a presentation (making a powerpoint atm) on the holy trinity that is MUSE, PeerTracks and Troopeers. and I've just been added to the closing panel talk.
Also in early october I am giving another talk in Bruxelles at the European something something of I.P.

that logo sucks, btw. but it was the best one the contest provided. We aren't using it.
Well the final design walkthrough was this morning. So now that the new front end guy has a grasp of the entire app, we can estimate how long it will take him to implement.

and just so you know, it will be a beta of Troopeers, not Muse
Pivotal Tracker is what we where using  internally for the App we showed off in NYC.
Tomorrow morning we are going through pivotal tracker (which still contains all the stories that deal with post beta features) and moving everything relevant to Trello. To ensure the new devs keep the medium to long term goals in mind. So after that meeting, we'll be in a position to calculate timeline of the Beta.

a couple things come into play as well.
I'll be in Spain and Bruxelles for conferences. Which can delay us a bit if the release date is between the 19th of sept and oct 7th. BUT there might be someone coming into PeerTracks which has 17 years of project management experience that can handle everything we need.
But it's not a garantee yet

couple moving parts ^^

cob [6:11 PM] 
Yes this wouldn't compete with Muse. That dotblockchain project is indeed just creating a database of copyrights that is publicly viewable

Muse can read that info.

be a portal, etc

we would be the MEANS of payment

Paying with MuseUSD

among other things
ame thing, only instead of requiring our users to input the data into Muse, Muse can merely read the data from the public, open source dotblockchain chain

we can either just read it

or read it and copy it

if need be

working out the best way forward with them

Muse would be unique in being the chain that pays the correct people instantly and transparently using a crypto currency that has stability around the value of a USD

wouldn't act like a stock
Well Muse backed dollar if you will

the bitUSD backed by shares of the blockchain