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I love buyback & burn! But I suggest place buyback order at a little higher than the highest bid price not just simply buy up!

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As I am an Obits holder I'm opposed to any form of sharedropping.

The reason is simple: Only a part of obits are currently sold by ccedk. So sharedropping give part of dividends to unsold obits holders, I mean Obits Issuers.

Direct burning affect only the obits on the market, so I strongly belive that sharedropping will destroy obits value.
And there is more , the main problem whit Obits market value  is that is listed only oin the bitshares exchanges ( mainly openledger )
Sharedropping will qualify Obits more as a Share than a Cryptocurrency, and there are problems to list shares on poloniex or other exchanges, it seems that they prefer cryptocurrencies.

So I support the option  BuyBack & Burn. Plese fell free to discuss this important topic BEFORE the next voting poll.

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Anyone can calculate the equivalent annual return rate of OBITS, if all of the profits be sharedropped?
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I think buy back and burn is still the best option, sharedroping will share the unsold obits too.

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I support 100% sharedrop. Although I don't have much obits right now.
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The buyback&burn raises the value of user's held Obits, so in a way it's like sharedropping onto Obits users without having users sell the asset on the network. I'm in favour of option 1 - buyback & burn.

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Dear OBITS holders,

Due to lots of requests from OBITS holders connected with the way the monthly share of revenues on OpenLedger and the potential of sharedropping of OBITS (a sort of dividend structure) is to be handled in future, we decided to offer all holders the option to vote and to find out: to cancel or not cancel the monthly buybacks & burn. OBITS holders are given the rights to decide what is the best way for OBITS.

As we have some questions with previously started voting we decided to make more detailed description of options among which you are suggested to choose.

Will start from general example. If OpenLedger monthly profit equal to 5,000,000 BTS, than we take as usual 90% of profit in BTS and 10% in BTC equivalent.

The first scheme: buyback&burn.
Nothing will change. Buyback and burn will be held every month as we did it before. OBITS will be bought for 4,500,000 BTS and BTC (bought for 500,000 BTS on the market). All bought back OBITS will be burnt.

The second scheme: sharedropping.
OpenLedger profit will be sharedropped among OBITS holders. We use the same numbers from example. If somebody owns 10% of all OBITS he will get 450,000 BTS and sum of BTC equal to 50,000 BTS (sum depends on market price).

The third scheme:  50% buyback&burn, 50% sharedropping.
In terms of our example 2,250,000 BTS and BTC equal to 250,000 BTS will be used for buyback&burn, and the same sum will be used for sharedropping.

Please let us have your comments and even suggestion to any shorter version with same meaning for us to present this to all OBITS holders end of next week around sept 22. We Would Them allow the voting process to run until end of October 2016

Thank you!

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