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First ICOO buyback & burn executed
« on: October 05, 2016, 10:55:10 am »
First ICOO buyback & burn executed - An average of 2% buyback monthly and yearly 100% increase in core token value as target.

Although first ICOO Buyback was smaller than expected, below information on how ICOO will double in value every year as a minimum,should allow everyone to get an idea of what great value ICOO has already, but also that the plans ahead are meant for even bigger things.

Once more in short about ICOO Profit Distribution.

Profit distribution from ICOO after the First wave of Token Generation.

40% of yearly ICOO profits go to CCEDK and advertising.
60% of generated profits go towards following breakdown:

20% of designated revenues will be used for the payment of monthly dividends / or as buyback of OBITS and consequently burned.
65% of designated revenues will be used for buyback of ICOO tokens and burned
10% to OBITS bought back from OBITS market reserved in fund for Blogging rewards
5% to BTSR bought back from BTSR market for Advertising

Please see below our infirmation on all present values at hand and a targeted result on the base of a minimum based on the results already in first two months of the ICOO Crowdfunding engine 3.0 launch.

Yours sincerely

Ronny Boesing
OpenLedger ApS
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