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i understand, decentralizing is the best solution to eliminate this bank scheme and this is where blockchain comes in. But for the moment its hard to implement coz there is no government or any body that will regulate it and of course no business for banks. As for hackathon its hard to defend this to panels/judges specially when some of them is just an accountant, businessman and not technical people. Im not against blockchain, i love the concept of blockchain but its not the right time now. I even invest in btc and bitshares. Anyways thanks for the idea.


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Banking is interesting thing. When you deposit your money in a bank account, in other words you lend your money to bank, you get 0.01% APR, and a bank can keep this debt forever. If you withdraw your money, they just borrow the same amount from another person for 0.01% APR. When you borrow money from a bank, they charge you 20% APR, and you have a strict payment schedule, and if you default on payment, they fuck you up. There is something wrong in this scheme, isn't it?

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Hi BigcoinG,

many thanks for idea. I like the idea so much. Now im just a php programmer and the bank is already exists, actually the bank here in our country is the one who made the hackathon event. So in my hackathon presentation ill build a site but do i need still to setup a bitcoin wallet server then a site calling it? I hope you get my point coz i need also to present a tangible 2 days made site lol.



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The future of banking? Impossible to predict, but a highly interesting topic.

Let's just be clear, the future of banking will, without doubt, be based around a programmable currency. One which can self-execute, can be tracked efficiently (but anonymously) and can ultimately help close the wealth gap that has opened up so enormously over the past couple of decades. The future of banking, most importantly, is in the hands of "the people" and not the banks as we know them.

Good luck with your hackathon! Personally I would look at gamification, and how the use of Bitcoin could be incentivised through a rewards system. We have an adoption problem right now, and once that is addressed we can then look at addressing the more profound questions.

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Nice! Hackathons are massive fun!

What you could code is a 'easy' webwallet for bitshares (or bitassets specifically) similar to mycelium or breadwallet .. having bitUSD in an easy mobile wallet is a gamechanger in its own and xan cover
- payments
- microtransactions
- mobile banking
- deposits
- 'cashless' payments
- and is of course available to the unbanked!!

Please take a closer look at the graphenjs-libs written by svk31 .. IIRC there is alao an easy example on how to use it for transfers

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Hi :), im planning to join a 2 days hackathon here in our country this weekends. The theme is Future Banking and its scope are as follows

Banking the un-banked
Internet Banking
Cash Management Services
Know Your Customer (KYC) in Banking
Cashless Payments
Managing Risks in Banking
Detecting Fraud In Banking Transactions
Educating The Public About Banking
Mobile Banking
Gamification Applied in Banking

I can select any of them. Maybe somebody can help me or give an idea about Future Banking (i feel like its almost there web, mobile app etc.). Im more on web development. I have a bistshare wallet with 400K bitshares maybe i can use it and promote bitshares something like that.

Thanks in advance,